BLM just lost all credibility

By:  Diane Benjamin

Instead of condemning looters, vandals, and other behavior that can not be tolerated in a civil society, Black Lives Mater BloNo celebrates with their “comrades”:

bln bailout

Black Lives Matter had a message worth discussing, they now have no credibility.  Violence and destruction of local businesses makes you immaterial especially when you agree with the tactic.  If you didn’t agree you would have let them rot in jail.

Please tell this supporter stuff like this will make him a suspect: 

garcia 1agarcia 2a

19 thoughts on “BLM just lost all credibility

  1. blm lost all credibility when they chose to focus on the statistically rare white cop killing a black person scenario while ignoring black on black violence. btw, 100+ shot and 14 dead in chicago this weekend past. where is the outrage?

  2. How do Robert and Sonny Garcia keep their jobs? If I posted the things these carpetbaggers have on social media I would be told by a supervisor to knock it off and if not terminated within a week. I realize ISU probably doesn’t care but I think Coldwell Banker would. Are these jokers related?

  3. MPEABODY you don’t understand how the leftist college at ISU works or you wouldn’t be wondering why they don’t lose their jobs! ISU loves the Commie activists! Linda Foster was and still is more radical than the Garcia’s and she retired as Superintendent of Facilities just two positions under the Executive Director RINO Republican cover up unethical behavior for Supervisors on up Chuck Scott!

    1. Oh contraire. I had my own experiences at ISU back in my younger days. It was a loaded question. White males were allowed to function as dependable grad assistants but never as full-time employees unless you were down with all university causes.

  4. Stop with the oppressor nonsense. The only oppressors are peole like Garcia who convinces black people that you are a victim and cant make it. What a horrible evil lie to put into the minds of local youth.

  5. Let’s LOOK at FACT! Floyd had a WARRANT out on him, and him and the arresting officer had PREVIOUS encounters, so the cop decided to take matters into his OWN hands-which he should NOT have done, and created a national donnybrook! HAD the officer had simply placed him under arrest, there would NOT be all this BLM uprising and people having to “cowtoe” to anyone. Simply put, BLM got ahold of this and blew it up like the Hindenberg!
    Someday, it WILL come back and haunt them. As for bailing looters out of jail. I guess the county can use the money, especially IF they skip bail and the FULL amount NEEDS paid!
    Just DO NOT ask ME for SNAP money again!

    1. Floyd didn’t have a warrant out on him. Where on earth did you see that? Your “fact” is incorrect.

  6. So I wonder exactly how that worked out as far as responsibility on payment. On one hand if the Chicago Community Bond Fund expects to get the bond money back, they most likely either: a) kept their name on the bond money or b) somehow loaned it to the bondee hoping or not caring if they pay it back. I’m hoping that they all skip bail and the CCBF is on the hook for the other 90%.

    1. That money was probably donated, so they don’t expect to ever get it back. It’s not their personal money, so it’s not real to them. It’s just a tool, plenty more where that came from. Unlike how citizens would feel if they dug into their personal savings to bail out a friend or family member.

  7. To make something clear- The people that got handed $87,000 to bail them out of jail were not protesters.
    They were looters who were caught and some criminals already in jail. All criminals. So instead of spending that money locally to help people impacted by Covus-19 with rent, food, bills they gave it to the criminals.

  8. Thanks WHAT! I thought he had a warrant, but I guess he did NOT. So I stand corrected. Like to keep the facts STRAIGHT! I sometimes wonder HOW in the world Diane does it. I Thank you for keeping this site “hinest” and that’s one reason we ALL read it! TOWNIE!

  9. That emoji reminds me of the burning limousine that was on Jenn’s FB page before she was asked to leave the YWCA. There is no question they are inciting violence in response to “systemic racism.”

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