Democrats vrs Black Lives Matter

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington Council meeting will reconvene Wednesday at 7:30.  Technical difficulties were experienced with the Live Stream.  Instead of having the meeting anyway and posting video today, the meeting was rescheduled.

That was a good thing because it allowed Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill to comment on a Live event between the McLean County Democrats and Black Lives Matter.  This event was scheduled after last weeks dust-up between the two groups:

Much of the discussion was about the word “defund”.  The video is available on the Democrats Facebook page.  I can’t say what they decided because the comments were much more interesting, especially when your esteemed elected officials were able to inject themselves.

Jeff Crabill thinks policing needs abolished.  Jenn Carrillo thinks “white moderates” are the problem, as well as the police.

The video shows a discussion, although Ky Ajayi of BLM was occasionally over the top with comments.  The Democrats are learning there are some people who refuse to have conversationsBloomington elected two.  

Screenshots of comments made during the video:


This was a LONG comment:



A few more with other BLM supporters:



13 thoughts on “Democrats vrs Black Lives Matter

  1. Jenn checks a lot of boxes for intersectionality. She is a Hispanic , lesbian , and female. According to this philosophy that she embraces that means she is wok. She has experienced things and obtained knowledge That the typical white moderate Democrat can never experience or attain.
    Therefore all local white democrats must defer to Jenn’s views and perceptions of truth. Her views cannot be questioned or doubted and she must be believed. Additional analysis of her views are not permitted. Apply science or logic is also forbidden Science, logic and additional methods of analysis are from western civilization and created by predominantly white males. Therefore it cannot understand or be applied to Jenn’s truths.
    Therefore white moderate Democrats according to Jenn have no option but to agree with her and her views. Cucks like Jeff Crabill empower Jenn.
    Perhaps the local democrat party can find a white trans female who identifies as a black lesbian who has different views than Jenn. Than they can defer to the truths of the white trans female who identifies as a black lesbian.


  2. i say give carrillo, crabill and garcia their own little CHOP – maybe on west market around what used to be the red fox market – and allow all of their followers to join, and see how long it takes for the cannibalism to ensue.

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  3. Since all the local radicals seem to be itching for a fight, consider this proposal. How about a UFC style fight card at the arena. BLM and IPA members can take on their most despised police and first responders. Jenn, Jeff, Sonny, Robert and Ky would be required to participate. If BLM wins, they can use gate proceeds to bail out more of their friends or use the money to finance more local mayhem. If the law wins, they can use the money in any way the see fit. I am betting this would fill or closely fill the arena for the first time in a long while. Of course, social distancing would be required but face masks would be optional since we would be in Phase Four.


  4. Jenn is right, her biggest issue will be the moderates…when it comes to her re-election bid. These comments are over the top; it’s as if these nutjobs feel they need to outdo each other. The local Democrat party has a difficult, no-win choice to make: (1) stand behind these loons and watch their rank-and-file and moderates help elect another Stan at the local level or (2) try to contain these loons and open themselves up to the “ism” attacks and a full out internal war. This is going to be fun to watch!

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  5. ATT: Jeff Crabill, dude you’re just a part of another system. Lol, gees how’d you ever conform enough to the (system) and pass the boards to become a lawyer for (another system) State Farm? LOL! Evidence that you don’t even stand for your own system. Anfd the “be divisive and make people feel uncomfortable” is another system. Wow, if i ever needed a lawyer your thinking would be the absolute last person I would consult. Can’t even recognize your own hypocrisy.

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    1. If you have ever seen the dude up close and watch his physical actions you come to the conclusion he’s likely a mental defective. I knew people in college like him. They had went to school for so long they lost all perspective of the real world around them to the point of babbling instead of speaking. You couldn’t carry on an intelligent conversation with them or tell any joke where they wouldn’t be offended. There are people on staff at Purdue with his last name that are likely relatives. They look like radicals too. I’m sure the communism Jeff likes to espouse is a deep seeded family tradition. It’s easy to talk to talk but alot harder to walk it. That’s why the disgusting, phoney fat pig needs his SF check.


  6. I hope these idiots realize that there are people like me who will refuse to shop in either Normal or Bloomington if they defund or abolish the police. I will drive out of my way to go where there are sensible people, and I will spend my money there. I have no desire to keep giving money to a government that supports hate against me.

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  7. ‘Defund the Police’ definitively proves that the group is mislabeled, Black Lives, according to ‘their truth’, Don’t Matter. Black-on-black crime kills more blacks in a week that white police do in a year, and they don’t care. And that number would be even higher if not for the police, whom they want to remove from the equation. They don’t want to save black lives, and they’re fine with losing even more – They left out the D of their BLDM.

    Your comment about ‘some people refuse to have conversations’ reminds me of what an amateur historian friend told me about the beginnings of the Russian revolution. The Tsar was going to meet with the communists to discuss their grievances. A communist negotiator asked their leadership what they wanted, the priority of various demands, and what would constitute ‘good enough’. The response was something along the lines of “Even if he agrees to ALL our demands, do not reach an agreement. We do not want an agreement, we want to rule.” Today’s communists are following the same strategy.

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  8. Jenn, Jenn, Jenn. Do you want the truth? Your family tree stems from the European oppressors of the indigenous people of central and south America. You are the oppressor…it is in your genetic makeup. Most of the northern Europeans in this country today fled to the USA from their feudal oppressors. Facts matter.

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  9. I never enjoy having to say this, but lately, based on what’s been going on and what I’ve been seeing out of Democrats, it’s becoming truer all the time:

    Buy guns and ammo. We’re going to need it.

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