3 things Normal doesn’t understand but citizens MUST

By: Diane Benjamin

At the Normal Town Council meeting last Monday the Sewer tap-on fee maps came up again. Stan Nord is not going to drop this issue until citizens understand it. The Town view is Council passes ordinances that put areas of the Town on the fee map which means developers pay much of the cost of installing sewers instead of citizens. What the Town refuses to acknowledge is STAFF produces ordinances, not the Council. If STAFF doesn’t demand developers pay the fees the developers don’t. You do! It is perfectly explained in this clip, staff still refuses to admit the problem. Corruption is easy when staff decides who pays and who doesn’t. If you want to see the entire discussion, it starts at 15:30 in the full video below.

The next item is about the Town raising water rates. Stan Nord researched Enterprise Funds and quoted best practices from the Rural Water Association. They do not believe funds from an Enterprise Fund should be used for any other purpose than why the Fund was created. The Town of Normal purchased snow plow equipment from the Water Fund when plowing has nothing to do with providing water.

Stan Nord has mentioned this issue many times. Pam Reece doesn’t like being accused of stealing or misappropriating water funds. Maybe in the future Stan can blame staff and the people who voted for it:

This vote contributed to the need to raise water rates. If you want to see the entire discussion it starts at 1:17:06.

One more issue that is raised frequently by Stan Nord. Chris Koos choses who he wants on Boards and Commissions. He states in this video those appointees represent the Town on behalf of the people. In other words, they are chosen to do what Koos wants, not what is in the best interests of the citizens. The rest of the Council voted yes to the Koos appointments, Nord voted no. Under Koos, citizens have no opportunity to express opinions on Koos picks like they do in Bloomington. Tyrant anyone? Dictator? The entire discussion starts at 2:10:58.

For those few who think Stan Nord just parrots what I write, ask him why he didn’t bring up the $266,000 in the budget for employee retirement gifts? waiting . . .waiting . . . waiting. . . .

Entire meeting video:

3 thoughts on “3 things Normal doesn’t understand but citizens MUST

  1. It is sad that the Normal Council are just parrots for Koos and Reece, with the exception of Mr Nord. Union dollars got Koos reelected, and he is paying back their generosity. Elections have consequences, now all taxpayers are getting billed!

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  2. To: Any council member and/or municipal manager who continues to push the narrative that because I, or anyone else for that matter, talks with someone they don’t like makes one a parrot.

    I communicate with Diane Benjamin. Our views on fiscal policy, honesty, transparency, and local corruption within municipal government align more often than not. Diane is a researcher as am I, so we naturally get along. As I do with the Town, I ask Diane for the research to back up her positions. We do not agree on ALL issues. Just like I don’t agree with my wife on everything. Because we share common views on some matters does not make either of us parrots..

    I also have agreed with Jeff Craybill before. For instance when Connect Transit was adversely targeting our disabled community to name just one. I don’t agree with Jeff on ALL of his positions and I am sure he does not agree with ALL of mine. But at least we found some common ground and we don’t attack each other like the Mayor Koos and some Normal council members do.

    It is absolutely ok to agree on some things and disagree on others and still be civil with each other. Many people need to be more willing to talk to others and find something to agree on. This one side is the only right side mentality is counter productive, especially when dealing with the “publics business” where you don’t get to decide who is elected for you to work with.

    On the other hand Municipal Managers are hired by the council. So if you have a manager who refuses or is incapable of working with a diverse council, then the council can decide to work with someone else.

    Stan Nord

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