Unit 5, Dr. Shelvin, and the cost of Equity

By: Diane Benjamin

Is Equity better at Unit 5 schools since Dr. Shelvin was hired for the 2021-2022 School year?

Question: What happened to the kids who participated in the restroom destruction challenge they saw on TikTok? Did they get Equity? Did the taxpayers get Equity? Did the kids that didn’t participate see Equity and Justice or pats on the head to the offenders?

Dr. Shelvin was supposedly a school psychologist in Livingston County who has a kid in Unit 5. She starts complaining about discrimination against black student in the district and then magically lands a job as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for $98,000 a year! See this WGLT story: https://www.wglt.org/show/wglts-sound-ideas/2019-05-09/unit-5-parents-allege-racial-bias-in-student-discipline-hiring

Doc then produces training videos for the 47 district new hires to fan out to all the schools to indoctrinate their staff. Again magically, those zoom training sessions weren’t recorded. See this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/03/02/unit-5-and-equity/

Let me guess what they said: Be less white.

Prove me wrong Unit 5, you can’t without the video you told me in a previous FOIA you don’t have.

Dr. Shelvin is not a contract employee, she’s a full time burden to taxpayers. She comes complete with benefits and a pension that add roughly 50% more to the cost.

Has Unit 5 proven she has done anything to help race relations? Achieve Equity (whatever that means)?

This comment was made to a story linked above. Kids are incredible good at see bull, this proves it:

I talked to a neighbor’s high school son the other day. A sophomore at Normal West. The good news is that the kids all know this is utter BS, according to him, and they scam it for all it’s worth and play along for the grades. They also believe any adult interested in their “authentic self” (i.e., their sexuality) is weird and perverted. As it should be.

Unit 5 can save money by not giving Dr. Shelvin a new contract next year. Growing up is really hard, students need to know the basics not a bunch of garbled thoughts only in schools because of Marxist ideology needing division to succeed.

Prove me wrong Unit 5. Find the training videos.

See her employment docs here:







18 thoughts on “Unit 5, Dr. Shelvin, and the cost of Equity

  1. Good Job Diane! We are witnessing a scam on many levels in Unit 5 and elsewhere.

    I don’t know the details of the restroom indecent but it brings up a point.
    One of the main focuses as spelled out in Unit 5’s Equity Action Plan, (which was purchased by the way) centers around minority discipline. They will look at discipline through the “lens of equity” (which means – all problems are because of racism). Their stats tell them that as a percentage, more blacks are disciplined than whites. Therefore discipline measures will be decided on the basis of skin color. Different discipline for different skin.

    Will this help or hurt? If you don’t have any common sense you can still find the answer. This method is actually a re-run of Obama’s initiative in 2017 which was a complete failure. But give it a new name and do the insane thing again and you can always HOPE for a different result.

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  2. Thank you for this and Amen and Amen. Unit 5 right now is fear mongering people into supporting a tax increase. Cuts are going to have to be made. Let them begin here.

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  3. The true cost of this equity scam is not paid in out in our tax bills, but in our children’s futures.
    The superintendent has once again put her politics/religion/person preferences ahead of the best interest of the children by cutting back foreign language, which provides benefit to the children, instead of cutting racism indoctrination.
    Parent in Any IL school district, but Unit 5 especially, please fill out this survey evaluating our schools:
    https://survey.5-essentials.org/Illinois/ .
    Unit 5 already has their excuse in place to ignore it – they won’t consider it valid if they don’t get 5% participation, so let’s be sure we exceed that!
    You’re allowed to fill it out once per student, not just once per household, so make sure your voice is heard at maximum volume!
    Remember how the school used bullying to promote “Just Follow Orders” over science-based virus response or even the emotional best interests of the children. Remember how very few teachers were complicit by not pushing back or even actively participating in the bullying.
    Please fill this out ASAP, as the deadline is almost here. Let’s hit them where it hurts most – their egos.

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  4. Dr. Shelvin was at the U5 School Board Meeting Wednesday night. She struts around like she’s big stuff. Draws attention to herself. Wore a black leather dress. Wore black leather boots with spike heels and gold sparkling chains. Sat front row, first chair on aisle, as a constant reminder to those on the stage that she was there and watching them. Listen to Dr. Weikles remarks before public comment. She was falling all over herself promising Shelvin and her crew that the crt dei sel insanity was being protected. Classes and teachers would be sacrificed to save shelvin and all the rest. It’s positively disgusting. Her posse was reading the “Unit 5 Equity Action Plan” during public comment. A little boy named Justin Bellamy spoke during public comment. He said someone at school called him a black monkey. Another woman named Jade also spoke during public comment to draw attention to Justin’s comment. This is further proof that Unit 5 needs to address Equity. Ironic that Jussie Smollett was sentenced yesterday. I think we have Jussie Smollet 2.0. Please read the book “Why Meadow Died” if you want to understand what is going on in the schools and why. I truly wish parents would remove their children from Unit 5 and start Homeschool Co-Ops. Between the indoctrination, brainwashing and daily fights, schools are no place for children.


      1. Diane. Your an “actual” Journalist uncovering corruption right here and we are Blessed to have you and all of what your doing!!! There’s just too much mud in the swamp to cover it all.

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    1. I would “strut around” too if my boss knew I held the keys to unlock massive dollars from the Federal and State DEI coffers. I might even ask for a raise or two. I’m sure she’s already paid for her 90K salary.

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  5. All it takes is a school board that cares about our children.

    A school board that cares about our children is only one election away. ^_^

    Shelvin and her ilk’s cush jobs are just one school board election away from being cut =)

    Then she can strut around back in cosmopolitan Livingston County again.

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    1. DEI isn’t something new. Finally, after a decade its been uncovered by concerned parents, thanks to Covid.

      It will be VERY difficult to cut this cancer out now. Its the new crack cocaine of education.

      The federal and leftist state governments, are pumping billions upon billions of DEI contingent dollars into education now.

      Hiring of “diverse” teachers, DEI training, DEI Action Plans (Unit 5) for schools, educational (indoctrination) materials, anything that can be attached to DEI is gold. I’m sure district administrators are eager to creatively word hiring and budget requests around the words Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

      ESSER funds, the latest omnibus bill, all of the past Covid relief bills are a few of the most recent DEI money streams.

      So school boards will have to weigh their “care” for children against funding via DEI.

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  6. I actually read an article by a columnist in the Pgraph who claimed that since more non-whites die from accidents…… its racist.

    The real cost of Equity is the transferring of all blame for suffering by non-white people to white people, who will have to make restitution. People like Shelvin are convinced that non-whites are not responsible for themselves.

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  7. The 38 people that lost their jobs at the last school board meeting were likely those who were unfavorable to the cancer that is DEI. They had to eliminate these people as part of the plan. They staff and teachers who remain in the schools are likely favorable to the DEI cancer. Sadly, that will be impossible to eliminate. Uphill climb for sure. It is still worth the fight. Parents must continue to Speak up at every opportunity at school board meetings and in the schools. Be a thorn in their sides. Let them know you are not going away. The best thing to do is to pull your kids from U5 and D87 and Homeschool. That’s the only way to protect them from this cancer.

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  8. But Unit 5 will need to cut programs when the referendum doesn’t pass. This is one example why. Typical bureaucratic behavior and social devolution. Force race awareness and bigotry onto the next generation and seek out the social justice that some have sought for historical injustices. Perhaps the Mediterranean countries should seek should seek Justice from the Italians for past Roman injustice or Turkey, India and Pakistan can ask the world court for monetary damages due them for Alexander the Greats conquests. Let alone Central and South America’s justice against Portugal and Spain or Australias natives and the British Monarchy? How far back before a culture decides to take charge of their future and start over?

    Just leave this equity bologna out of the schools. It’s socialist/Marx propaganda 101 by renaming racism bigotry and calling it-equity. Period.

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