Unit 5 does Gender Affirming Care

By: Diane Benjamin

I did this story about Unit 5 for a reason: https://blnnews.com/2023/04/13/unit-5-doesnt-have-a-policy/

That story is dated April 13th, responding to FOIA requests accurately is not a Unit 5 strong suit. I finally received the rest of my request yesterday although I still don’t know if everything was produced as required by law. This is probably not the last story.

The job of schools is to educate, not replace parents. Minors are easily led down paths by adults who have values different from parents. Is Unit 5 trying to replace parents? What exactly was Dr. Shelvin hired to do? We know she “trained” 47 new hires to train staff across the district for something but mysteriously Unit 5 didn’t keep the zoom video of that training: https://blnnews.com/2022/03/11/unit-5-dr-shelvin-and-the-cost-of-equity/

Now see this document I received by FOIA titled “Name and Gender Marker Flowchart Conversation”:

Did you know Planned Parenthood is now doing Gender Affirming Care? https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-mar-monte/patient-resources/gender-affirming-care

The long-term effects of hormone therapy is not known. It may cause infertility and mental health disorders. If you don’t know the Chloe Cole story, start here: https://secure.anedot.com/center-for-american-liberty/cd33c1af010ce74ee0f45

Her parents were told they could have a live boy or a dead girl if they didn’t agree to putting her on hormone therapy. They went along with doctors who finally did “top” surgery on Chloe while she was still a minor.

Letting minors make life changing decisions used to be considered ridiculous. Kids don’t have the same rights as adults because they aren’t capable of making informed consent. Chloe is suing the doctors and hospital who mutilated her.

Go back to the Unit 5 document above – page 3:

There are many things wrong with that slide but start with #4. Ever heard numbers lie and liars use numbers? The statistics Dr. Shelvin used to promote gender affirming care are bogus. Chloe Cole never told her parents she would kill herself if she didn’t become a boy. The doctors told them that.

If you click on the link in the document those statistics rely on The Trevor Project. See this story debunking the methodology used: https://mercatornet.com/the-transgender-suicide-myth-exposed/46564/

Make sure you read the entire article, it has A LOT of information.

#5 – Instead of educating, Unit 5 wants conversations about feeling affirmed? If you are a parent of a female minor you know their feelings can change minute to minute. Is Unit 5 trying to replace parents or steer students?

#3 – Are boys allowed to replace girls on sports teams? If yes, dads should be standing up for their daughters. Females are being eliminated by males who can’t compete against other males. If Illinois allows males to compete against females, females have no option other than refusing to participate. If you haven’t heard the story of a female spiked in the face by a male during a volleyball game, see it here: https://www.nysun.com/article/high-school-athlete-wounded-when-a-biological-male-spiked-a-volleyball-in-her-face-fires-latest-salvo-in-war-over-trans-women-in-sports

Jump to page 9 of the Unit 5 document:

Is this what Dr. Shelvin cackled about being allowed to do:

6 thoughts on “Unit 5 does Gender Affirming Care

  1. These people are the personification of EVIL. Straight from the pit of hell. They’re, “playing God” in their warped minds. These adults should not be allowed near children. Parents who can, please Homeschool your children. Or opt for private school. Unit 5’s policies are abhorrent and disgusting.

  2. Wondering if the woke folks will be identifying as lunatics. If so, then they may be on to something,,,finally.

  3. You could see this coming even ten or more years ago. Newly hired teachers with the Obama posters in their rooms, climate change posters, and some with little LTGBQ flags on their desks with an American flag crossed. Most of the teachers coming up are ultra-liberal who have deep sixed listening to their own parents in exchange for their high school and college instructors. It’s like they are a product of a re-education camp because they really are. So glad I don’t have to worry about it with my kids anymore. Sure it will change if and when grandkids come along. This country is in deep do do.

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