Unit 5 emails – revealing!

By: Diane Benjamin

All of the emails below were received by FOIA.

What the 47 “trainers” Dr. Shelvin sent across the district trained is still a mystery. Unit 5 didn’t keep the Zoom training. This email means another FOIA:

Parents, ask your kids about this one, it is recent:

The backstory on this one looks fun. I’ve heard students laugh at all the DEI being thrown at them. Was this a kid trying to make a point? It does show Unit 5 is very concerned about their image:

12 thoughts on “Unit 5 emails – revealing!

  1. Diane, on the 47 trainers. Here is the U5 link that shows a training push on “Identity”, (pg 13-14). 55 teachers/admin involved. Identity is one the most foundational aspects of CRT in education. It’s what everything else is built on.

    Also on pgs 8-9 you can see their new data collection forms for discipline according to race. I’m sure the teachers will be very race sensitive when they have to address problem students. If not they’ll need to go to re-education camp.

    Eventually there will be no discipline, especially for oppressed identities. “Restorative Justice” will take the place of consequences and we will see anarchy in the schools. This is probably when we will see a mass exodus of teachers. Its already getting bad.

    Sadly these people have about as much commons sense as a June Bug.

      1. Diane, to your point about not having anything current from Unit 5. They stopped giving public access in the fall of 2022. Just my belief but I think Unit 5 has decided not to publish DEI statis updates on line anymore. They know that backlash is a real thing when you mess with parent’s kids. They’ve even stated this in their Equity documentation. Best to hide from the parents until it’s too late for an uprising.

  2. There are other documents available online in the U5 DEI “department” page. (Actually, I was told by Richardson that there isn’t a DEI department at Unit 5, and that there is only one DEI employee, Shelvin. They also do not track staff hours for DEI related work or training. This info is from a FOIA request that I made.)
    All documents are accessible except for the latest EAP update for Quarter 3. I couldn’t get into it. I assume it’s not really a public document even though all the others are. More than likely it has detail that U5 doesn’t want parents to know about. Probably need a FOIA to see it.

    1. Parents and grandparents, please get your children out of Unit 5. This approach to “discipline” makes the schools less safe. If your child is assaulted by a kid in a “protected group” then you’ll have to file a police report for assault and battery, and hire an attorney. The school will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to seek justice for your child who is the victim of the crime. In this scenario they turn the perpetrator of the crime into the victim.

      1. Fedup, in this document on page 17, from Sept 2022, Unit 5 makes the following statement

        3.2 The district will decrease its racial and student group discipline disproportionality and develop proactive practices to nurture a positive, meaningful relationship with each student.
        (the first half of this statement is the key. The second half is just fluff to obscure their intention to discriminate.)

        3.2a Review of racial and student group discipline among each school leadership team.

        3.2b Transparent communication with school staff about racial and student group discipline data. (Marching orders)

        To me this says the teachers are tasked to either find more white offenders or less non white offenders to make the numbers look good.
        In other words, subliminally they are putting a bounty on white males, and telling teachers to avoid disciplining non white offenders.

        Obama tried this approach when he was president. He threatened schools with reduced funding if they didn’t solve the race discipline disproportionality problem. It failed miserably. Eventually the environment became unsafe for teachers.


    2. Blatantly stated they are teaching CRT.

      When they are failing at teaching Math and reading at Unit 5, yet take on teaching social engineering and culture indoctrination of my children. Using resources better spent on actual education of children versus indoctrination.

  3. Assign consequences? They had better not.

    They tried to do this for my sons selection of “Batman” for a required pronoun assignment in Junior year Lit class. Not being very inclusive?

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