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By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Uptown attractive! Where Normal is headed now that many residents have no representation in their government:

h/t another reader

In a Unit 5 classroom:

What is PFLAG?

Among lots of other things, this organization wants Title IX changed so that trans students can participate in sports based on their gender identity. PDF page 2:


Trans students get EQUITY, females get erased. See Lia Thomas and Riley Gaines.

This is Unit 5’s gender affirming care:

Dad’s need to start standing up for their girls.

3 thoughts on “Tips from 2 readers

  1. Remember when registered sex offenders couldn’t be within 100 yards of a school or a playground? Now the democrats want them in the kids bathrooms and locker rooms with the kids! There is a real concern as to how anyone that supports these demonrats anymore.

    1. Coincidentally enough while I was waiting to speak out against the ‘Normal Is Officially A Dictatorship’ bill in Springfield, there was some discussion on that ‘100-yards rule’. Apparently in many areas there are enough schools, parks, churches, daycares, etc that the 500-ft radii (radiuses?) overlap and it is illegal for them to be anything But homeless, which in turn means they are largely unemployable, and thus they have no route to reintegration into society after serving whatever sentence was imposed.
      A life sentence of misery may be appropriate for some offenders/offenses, but that shouldn’t be the default. If was discussed but not actually proposed as a bill to have the 500-ft radius reduced to 250 and to allow grandfathering, such as not forcing somebody to sell their house because a home daycare opened up on the next block.

  2. Here are some excerpts from the student handbooks at Unit 5 related to sexual harassment.

    Grade School and Junior High
    Examples of sexual harassment include touching, crude jokes or pictures, discussions of sexual experiences,
    High School
    As defined, sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to ….displays of sexually suggestive objects or pictures;

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