HB 3337 hearing postponed

By: Diane Benjamin

Sen Dave Koehler has proven twice in recent weeks that he represents government, not the people.

Even though Koehler doesn’t represent much of McLean County he wants to tax them anyway. Of course he’s doing it because CIRA wants him to, the rest of the people who will be taxed are immaterial.

The Edgar County Watchdogs did a story: https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2023/04/il-house-to-implement-new-tax-on-mclean-county-property-owners/

I don’t know why HB 3337 was postponed. I do know this committee was considering many bills and running late. Koehler probably wasn’t smart enough to pull it since it was filed at Normal’s request – not the people who live there. Democrats campaign on protecting your rights – they govern exactly the opposite. Was the Safety Act for you or criminals?


Email Dave and ask him why he wants to tax people he doesn’t represent and take away the voting rights of the citizens of Normal: https://senatordavekoehler.com/constituent-services/contact-us

4 thoughts on “HB 3337 hearing postponed

  1. The Chamber of Commerce and “Peoria” influence and boards chosen and PAC requirements influenc3 a lot of what is going on in the county and state and the partnership of orgs like Cat, PIA, OSF, State Farm, credit unions and others and so called tech and “infrastructure” data projects and surveillance systems TSA wants to force everyone on impacts a lot. Calling it “data analysis” amd partnerships or logistics or public safety or public health or “for the kids” is an easy win most times for most bills involving tax dollars and fees. A small elite group of so called leaders get them through in Illinois. The state data and contracts and “strategy” is both deceptive and quiet. But always gets through. $$

    This is how a lot of things get through and no one cares or pays attention. At least McLean Count Board is questioning this one. Thank goodness.

    Words are deceptive and this is only one example of how taxpayers get ram rodded and deceived and used.

    Hope people continue to ask questions.

  2. People should be very concerned their a witness slips were basically ignored. This whole thing smells. Bad

  3. The hearing wasn’t postponed – I was there for the hearing. They postponed the vote to approve or reject.
    Senator Koehler said the bill clarified election law, then Mayor Koos said there had been lawsuits so the bill was needed to clarify election law to prevent expensive future lawsuits. Then I explained in detail the real purpose and impact of the bill – to allow the mayor to dissolve the elected town council if the voters ever elected a council that he didn’t like. Even the democrat senators were a bit taken aback at the level of voter disenfranchisement.
    But corrupt Illinois politics what it is, they didn’t vote it down, they told Koehler to rework the bill into something more acceptable and bring it back later.

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