Unit 5 doesn’t have a policy

By: Diane Benjamin

All of the emails below were received by FOIA. The redactions were rightfully done by Unit 5, I have no interest in the names of students.

This is not the only email talking about “dead name”. This is yet another made-up term your kids are expected to normalize.

If a student has an IEP (individualized education program) their “dead name” has to be on the documents:

I was hoping to see Unit 5 had a policy that prevented staff from hiding information about their children from parents. Evidently each Unit 5 employee is deciding for themselves what parents need to know and what they want to hide:

The bottom email is from a teacher to a parent, the parent’s response is above it.

This Associate Principal asks the student, not a parent:

17 thoughts on “Unit 5 doesn’t have a policy

  1. There are reasons that a person’s name change requires a legal process.
    Why does the woke community feel like they don’t need to go through the legal process?

    Maybe anyone that decides to change their identity should be required to go through some sort of psychological examination before they are allowed in restrooms, locker rooms etc.
    This would be for the safety of the of the community. Just a thought.

    1. Both of my kids in U5 schools are similar to your examples. (We chose their names in part because they provided easy options.) I was not informed but then again those are not indicate any mental / emotional / behavioral problems. If William, Jonathon, and Samantha want to go by Persephone, Annette, and Bruce, then that’s something the parents should be made aware of.

    2. @ cmon- When Bubbu who now goes by Nancy but doesn’t want his/her parents to know about the change, asks to go to the restroom….. yes, questions should be asked before not after.

  2. AWS and Microsoft/Google/Chrime and “role based” authority (admin and communication) systems are the demise of privacy and children and parent rights.

    Data and privacy exploited to know end by stupid “admin and staff”. How grooming and bad data and bad actor authority takes place. Be careful who you think the “experts” in admin amd tech in classroom are.

  3. Very shady and deceptive “data share” amd privacy policy so called governance enabled a lot of this crap. Be cautious who you trust in leadership. $$$. Lotsa hands in each others pockets and conflicts of interest. At taxpayer, parent and student expense. Education systems and training/learning admin and systems have gone down a dark road.

    Public schools = get your
    Kids and Grandkids out

  4. Excuse me I forgot to sign my name Bob, He/Him/Male etc. etc,. etc.
    Come on the problem is not robert to bob, jonathon to john, william to bill,it is tom to hernandez!

          1. Not with that attitude. That’s a bad attitude to have. Nothing is impossible! It’s literally in the word: I’m possible!

  5. A man can NEVER be a woman! Ever! No amount of clothing, makeup, or surgery will change that. Lying to children to lead them to believe they can change their sex is an egregious abuse of trust. The only way to physically and mentally protect your children from this garbage is to Homeschool or choose private school. Unit 5, the administration, and certain teachers have proven that they cannot be trusted to be around children.

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