Guess What caused the Olympia School Fire

By: Diane Benjamin

H/T anonymous source!

You can’t tell the cause in this picture, just how bad it was – 3 Alarm.

After viewing the pic below, search Solar Panel Roof Fires. This is far from the first. Celebrate Green! (your tax dollars up in smoke) Luckily no one was injured.

7 thoughts on “Guess What caused the Olympia School Fire

  1. I’ve read about this phenomenon. I wonder how many tax payer dollars were wasted on these. I hope they remove them all before students return. The good thing is the students won’t be there Fri 4/14 for the planned students protest across the country.

  2. From what I understand from different sources, mainly from inside the school, is that the fire started inside the building, either the boiler room or kitchen. Of course the solar panels would catch fire due to the laws of thermodynamics. I think more information from the official report before fully saying solar panels were the cause.

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