Tri-Valley: Reconsidering whatever you discussed? (Solar)

By: Diane Benjamin

More to this story:

The March 15th School Board meeting had this on the agenda:—minutes/2022-2023-agenda-%26-notices/402369

Since TV doesn’t Live Stream or video School Board meetings, unless you were there you have no idea what was discussed. The minutes don’t provide details of discussions, so you won’t know much more when they are released.

This is an arial picture of the Olympia Schools. The solar panels that burned were on top of the gym. Note Olympia has a lot more on other buildings. Will parents allow their kids back at school as long as they exist?

Is Tri-Valley going to endanger students by doing the same thing?

Below is inside Olympia after the fire. It looks like water damage instead of smoke. Was the air quality tested? The thick black smoke had to be toxic.

Both pics were originally on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Tri-Valley: Reconsidering whatever you discussed? (Solar)

  1. Diane, have investigators released the official report yet for the Olympia fire? I worry that we could be hypocritical if we whip people into a frenzy over information that turns out to be partly or completely false.

  2. Lotsa friends and family making money locally in schools and county. The rich narrative “for the good” at our expense.

    All the “SEL” “Solar projects” and quiet business deals for markting nad promoting their school while taxes go sky high and schools keep getting grants for this and that. Illinois and their systems and tech and initiatives have gone down a bad bad road.

    Be cautious who you believe and trust in the Admin and tech and public school world goes. $$$

  3. I am not sure how to process this information. First this week it was Bud Light going woke and now our schools are covered in solar panels from China. Unfortunately our leaders simply don’t care… Thanks Prickster and Biden

  4. Woke Central Illinois is proven when Credit Unions start changing their logos and names (Mid Illini to Credit Union For All) with rainbow colors. What gas this area become?

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