Did you get a survey from HHS?

Ours was addressed to McLean County Resident at . . . . .

It is supposed to be a National Survey on Drug Use and Health. You have to be screened before being allowed to participate.

If you identify as the same sex that is on your birth certificate and/or you are white – they don’t want your responses:

In other words the Department of Health and Human Services is looking for people to claim whatever the point of this survey is. They don’t want “normal” people skewing the results.

10 thoughts on “Did you get a survey from HHS?

  1. The left has learned that most people don’t have landlines anymore so they use
    what we used to call online surveys, which progressives, etc., call consumer reviews as the way to skew and flat out lie about numbers. For 10 years I haven’t figured out a way to combat
    these lies. The leftist donors, many of them middle-class female liberals, on top of
    external donors such as Soros, have made it impossible to trust polls.
    My advice is to chuck these polls into a bin of some kind and change your ways
    or soon the chant of USA! USA! won’t mean anything.
    This is coming for an old veteran who saw this same ploy played out in East Berlin.

  2. Be careful. Surveys and putting data in anything. The “ universal” privacy policy change basically sells citizens in Illinois out and gives everyone the right to share your data everywhere and exploit you or your family and profit or get influence lol

    Thanks universities and colleges for nothing $$

  3. So, only white, heterosexual people are considered “Normal” to you

    No. I consider any American who believes in a Constitutional Republic
    to be normal. Anything beyond that is communist blather.

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