ISU survey – did you get one?

By: Diane Benjamin

The person this was sent to is not going to participate.

Does this have anything to do with funding Pritzker’s transgender agenda?

13 thoughts on “ISU survey – did you get one?

  1. If this were a purely academic study, I’d send her a note on how the wording of the questions would create an inherent bias in the participation rates.
    But this is going to be used to guide public policy and spending, so I urge anyone who gets this to **Participate!**
    If we don’t they’ll come back with something like “50% of all young adults are LGBTQ so we need to ramp up our transgender surgeries in the high school population!”
    So fill it out – maybe even fudge your answers to be younger and more conservative to help counteract the many people who rightfully will toss this pile of… questions… where it truly belongs. Please hold your nose and do what’s best for our state and our kids.

      1. I want our tax dollars to be spent based on reality. IL is apparently intending to base spending on the results of a survey that is inherently designed to Not reflect reality. So I urge people to correct for others’ purposeful ‘errors’.

    1. I agree that seems suspect, but sometimes it is necessary to provide an incentive to get a useful level of participation, and the amount listed is not unreasonable. The survey itself certainly is, but the payment aspect in itself is not.

  2. I just read through the questions. This is a horribly written survey designed to get specific responses. From a scientific point of view for statistics, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Seems to me there are a few things this could be used for.
    1. Like Karl said, to determine the population size of socially constructed identities. Combine this with the Equity ideology and according to Unit 5, and the State under Pritzker you would have to distribute educational resources, curriculum in all classes, identity sensitizing in all classes, etc. accordingly. This under the guise of equal outcomes for all identities. But in fact it’s to promote gender/identity expansion and mainstreaming them into education and society as a whole.
    2. I think her research focuses on the affect of drugs in the household on gender identity issues. Interestingly there is a debate now about releasing the toxicology reports of mass murderers. Maybe this would play into that. The question is what drudges was latest gender confused child murderer taking?

  4. What does this mean? “You are ineligible to participate if you are currently within the European Economic Area”

  5. Online surveys commonly ask if the participant is a member of or is living in the European Union
    during qualification. Maybe that’s what the survey means and instead used European Economic Area.
    If the survey is slanted, which it probably is, you will be disqualified if you don’t provide the
    answers they want in order to pad their survey.

    I can tell you from experience that 90% or better of this type of survey always leans hard to the left
    and many of the large poll takers get their numbers from these surveys. Which is why I do not trust polls.

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