More on the Olympia Solar Panels that caught on fire

By: Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t checked the Illinois Report Card for Olympia, see the High School and some District information here:

The other schools are also available by searching. The high school is below State averages in Language and Math. They also have a 42% chronic absenteeism rate. 82% of 9th graders are on track, the State average is 87%

The last thing students needed was returning to remote learning because the solar panels caught on fire. See this story:

Walmart sued Tesla in 2022 over solar panel fires on their buildings. In 2016 Tesla bought Solar City who already had a deal with Walmart to install them on 240 stores. According to a story seven roofs have caught fire since 2012. The lawsuit claims Tesla had “negligent installation and maintenance”. Details here:

I don’t see the name Tesla or Solar City on what I received from Olympia by FOIA. I did see Chint Power Systems – Shanghai China. Jinko Solar is also mentioned:

Olympia bought 2376 panels in 2016 and Amended the agreement in 2017 for a total of $388,000.80.

Below are copies of the Purchase Order and description of the solar panels:

Since these are not the same panels known to catch fire on Walmart’s, can we agree solar panels in general are known to be a fire hazard? Is saving money on electricity worth risking children by putting them on schools?

They wouldn’t be needed if the war on fossil fuels hadn’t increased the cost of electricity.

If you still think “carbon” is a threat to life on this planet you should know Carbon Dioxide is .04% of the atmosphere:

It has no effect on climate, the war on “carbon” is only to steal your money. It’s working. You should have figured that out when Obama claimed the “science is settled”.

One more thing, I asked Chat GPT about solar panel fires. Media reported Olympia had to call an electrician to disconnect the panels.

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  1. I asked the principal at Heyworth High after a board meeting if we have solar panels on the roof of the new high school gym complex. The answer was a very firm Nooo!

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