Chat GPT not ready for primetime

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m sure you’ve heard Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over. If you want to try it, go here for a free account:

Interesting AI story:

I tried typing in a few different things but the program didn’t like either, so I tried something easier. Everything below AI wrote, it is also wrong. Evidently whatever it writes needs fact checked.

3 thoughts on “Chat GPT not ready for primetime

  1. This AI must have been programmed by a demonrat. Doesn’t know the facts but goes on blabbering bs as fact.

  2. Darn! Stanky beat me to it! I was going to say this is about as accurate/misleading as a lot of our fake-stream media, so by that measure, one could not only argue it IS ready for prime time, but that it may already be in place!

  3. The machine learning and AI Republican and Socialist/Dems rhetoric acting tough against “fraud” is a joke. China has all data and hand in it with “global insurance partners” and tech cos a long time (decades).

    US or anyone acting like they are “leaders” in this is both deceived or lives in a bubble. Or getting their kids scholarships at the Illinois Universities for money flow.

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