Another heavy leaker

Actually they are everywhere.

10 thoughts on “Another heavy leaker

  1. When will the decommissioned ones be torn down and hauled away? That’s what I’m waiting for.

  2. I have been told there is no way to recycle those giant fiberglass blades. They get buried. Not very green.

  3. Just think of this. They are putting up windmills in fields where food is being grown! Remember that when you take a bite of corn!

  4. The money flow and gamesmanship with landowners and public $$ continues……McLean County at its best. Sarcasim

  5. Does anyone know why the wind turbines that were erected in DeWitt Co northwest Clinton are not spinning yet? They just had to rush to build that wind farm, because it was such a great idea/necessity. It’s been around 2 years that the turbines were installed, but they are just sitting there idle.

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