Bloomington tonight, tune in!

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 10 is a proclamation declaring the first week of February: National Gun Violence Survivors’ Week.

Has Mboka figured out Chicago has moved downstate? This is part of the declaration:

That is probably true in Chicago where crimes aren’t prosecuted and kids are frequently shot and die because criminals with guns don’t face justice, they get social justice.

Is that statement true though? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) hasn’t updated their website recently. The data currently available is from 2016, car crashes was the leading cause of death for children and teens, firearms was second:

Maybe Mboka got his data somewhere else than the federal government, he should say where it came from. Maybe now that violence is tolerated instead of prosecuted more kids are dying from guns. Or maybe he’s just a progressive.

See PDF pages 14-15. Unlike Normal, Bloomington actually reveals who the mayor wants to appoint to committees. Chris Koos thinks the Council needs to rubberstamp who he wants and the public isn’t allowed to know until after.


At the May 24, 2021 Council meeting the Convention and Visitors Bureau was approved to rent the entire 2nd floor of the Coliseum:

The documentation from the May meeting didn’t spell this out in plain language:

One the agenda is rejecting a bid for this work: $52,752.

The City only gets $25,200 a year for rent. Parks and Rec are investigating cheaper ways to provide a door. (duh)

On the regular agenda is a preview of next year’s budget. Of course it will be higher than this year.

Finally, Jamie Mathy has a council inititive:

Bring It On Bloomington was a survey that very few people participated in. That hasn’t stopped public officials from considering the results per gold.

I don’t know what regerneration is, maybe regeneration.

Are either of those 2 large areas of the City downtown? Where Jamie Mathy’s business is?

Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight, tune in!

  1. Maybe it’s the defined as blighted areas that has been on the planners radar for a minimum of 15 years. Much of Main St as one enters the gateway to the beautiful downtown area that greets you with the vision of the jail looming over the viaduct and pot hole ridden streets of the city.


  2. Regardless what Alec Baldwin wants you to think, guns do not fire themselves. Violence will not end until the animals that commit the crimes are held accountable. People that are okay with killing an unborn baby should have no problem with executing murderers. That is what it’s going to take to stop these criminals. When are car jackings, smash and grab, riots/looting/burning, gangs, coming to your neighborhood? Is that what it is going to take to open liberal eyes? We can’t all live behind walls with bodyguards. It’s not the the gun….it’s the thug using it. Let’s have an anti-thug week!

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  3. Particularly with the grotesque (and long-planned) government overreach in the past two years, gun sales have skyrocketed and ammo is hard to come by. Liberals can still spout their “nobody needs a gun” propaganda, and virtue signal all they want. The fact is, any grab for guns at this point will most likely start a civil war. And gun grabbers know it. But still, they keep pathetically trying. Mboka is a useful idiot club member, after all, he’ll do what he’s told.

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    1. The fact that he has kept all of Tari Renner’s liberal friends on all the appointed boards and commissions despite terms ending last APRIL make me wonder …

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