Bring It On Bloomington flops!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Of course nobody in Bloomington City government is going to tell you that.

The goal was to get 7,660 people to complete the survey.  They only got 1,160.  15% of what they wanted.  It will be declared a success, Mayor Renner will say how he works with data and 1,160 is plenty.  He will take the results as convincing evidence.

The population was estimated at 76,600, they wanted 10% to respond.  What they got was 1.5%.  Ward 4 had the most responses, not hard to believe since it is packed with liberals.  The income of the largest group to respond is over $100,000.  I’m sure their responses are typical(cough).  62% were female, 38% male, again, not reflective of the population.

The survey results will be presented at the Monday night Council meeting.

So, why did so few citizens participate?

I can guess.  Here’s some thoughts:

  1. Citizens just want government to do their job-police, fire, roads,sewers,water.  They want to live their lives without being harassed.
  2. The citizens have no faith in government.  Past experience shows what citizens think is immaterial to decision-making.
  3. Many were busy packing for their move out of Bloomington-Normal.
  4. I’ve heard some people didn’t finish it because NONE OF THE ABOVE was one of the choices.

This picture supposedly represents what the respondents said:


Obviously SOME of it Tari will love.  He thinks everything is government’s responsibility.  Some conservative values are there too.  Which ones will win?  Any guesses?

14 thoughts on “Bring It On Bloomington flops!

  1. Ward 4 is packed with liberals? This is the ward that Judy Stearns represents – she has been elected twice by the citizens of the 4th ward — so Judy is a liberal plant? LOL! 🙂


  2. Small Town Feel (with) Big City Amenities,,,how does that work? These word clouds are something that should awe kindergarten kids, not adults. This is rotten baloney!


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