Normal’s proposed budget

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal will be holding an all day budget meeting soon, nothing is posted yet saying when. I’ve heard the meeting is tomorrow, that would violate the Open Meetings Act which requires posting 48 hours in advance.

I FOIA’d the proposed budget so you can see it:


The proposed budget isn’t difficult to read. The charts below reflect the current year revenues and expenses and the proposed of both.

These charts reflect the underpass project for FY2022-23, it increases both revenue and expenses – See Grants and Capital Spending.

The proposed increases in both Revenue and Expenses for next fiscal year include more than just the underpass. PDF page 40 shows underpass revenue (grants) of $19,250,000 and expenses of $20,794,400.

Obviously the huge increases can’t be totally pinned to the underpass. More later, feel free to dig yourself.

One thought on “Normal’s proposed budget

  1. Normal doesn’t care about OMA violations. They will have their illegal meeting then circular file any letter from the AG saying they were in the wrong. Koos has done this with the public comment policy multiple times. Rules without meaningful consequence are meaningless.

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