Bloomington tomorrow, more on Normal’s meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Since citizens with sewage in their basements only show up at Bloomington Council meetings, the ones’ in Normal have to pay to stop it from happening themselves. Normal passed budgeting a whopping $25,000 so they could pay up to $5000 per house to install something called Overhead Sewers. If more than 5 citizens want to “cost-share”, they might add more money to the pot.

How about separating storm water and sewers Normal? Too busy fleecing an overpass?

Stan Nord had the comment of the night, listen to the whole thing. The answer to his question was “sewer funds”.

Proving yet again Chris Koos is a tyrant that doesn’t care what citizens think:

Because of Koos’ ridiculous public comment policy, this lovely lady below had to sit through hours of babbling just to give her comment. Since she wasn’t speaking to an agenda item and wasn’t brave enough to break the rules, she couldn’t comment until the end:

One more public comment from Koos’ conga line – the head of the Economic Development Council. Since Patrick Hoban’s funding comes from government, he has to tow the government line. He’s all in on the underpass because ISU students want more festivals and it will lead to economic development. (Maybe he hasn’t noticed 1 Uptown Circle and all the other empty Uptown spaces)

5 thoughts on “Bloomington tomorrow, more on Normal’s meeting last night

  1. Hoban tells us all about is obvious lack of economic development experience when he says a bike tunnel will spur development. No one with any type of commendable history in business development and recruitment would make such a silly statement. He only does because he doesn’t understand his own job description and was never involved in any major development projects before landing in BN. Then again, if BN leaders really cared about moving the community forward, someone like Hoban would have never gotten the job. Soon, the poor lady making the comment about speeding and excessive traffic will learn she landed in the wrong community if she expects local government to care about anyone but themselves and their connected friends.

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  2. I have to stop watching the Normal Town Council Meetings. They make my blood boil! Stan please DO NOT QUIT! Chris Koos is a condescending disgusting human being, I’m sorry he exists on this planet I thought I was a better person than that but I guess not. Pam, Sonja Reece’s DIL is also a disgusting human being and A BIG FAT LIAR. I pray she gets the justice she deserves. MacArthy doesn’t have an original thought in his head and is merely KOOS 2.0. Kathleen pretends to care but she is going to do what she’s supposed to do because she is a spineless vulture. Karyn drank the kool aid probably because she has always been an outcast and wanted to fit in with cool kids. Scottie thinks he is going somewhere but he’s not…which is a shame because if HE were to do the right thing it might take him farther because Koos doesn’t want him. The Fortress is nothing…not even worth acknowledging. People in Normal who are getting screwed far outnumber the cool kids. I suggest every single one of you show up at the next meeting and clap and boo. Pam and Koos might be able to control 6 people but they can’t control A crowd. Just go. Show up.

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  3. It is sad but myself I also can no longer waste my time in dealing with the ilk that run Normal, council or staff they are all of the same mold except Nord. Something like all the picnic tables taking up parking in downtown Normal. Does any one realize what the cost was and is to tax payers to buy all those picnic tables and concrete barriers and have have town employees put them in and then take them out before winter. Town staff says business owners really like them and want them, right the restaurants maybe but duh if I have a restaurant and you ask me if I would like to have some picnic tables in front of my restaurant for my patrons of course I would say yes but lets be real do you think your business is going to grow because of them I don’t think so. And that brings me to my main point whatever Normal officials are doing is not I repeat not helping to grow business in uptown Normal. My business which has been in uptown for 99 years continues to decline one of the big reasons is lack of on street parking. When was the last time Normal published how much additional tax revenue uptown was generating, they won’t because it will show that that business activity is not growing in uptown.

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