52 years of sewage

By: Diane Benjamin

There was a time when Bloomington grew rapidly and had money to burn. Instead of investing in replacing ancient infrastructure the Council built a fire station that has never been used, the Coliseum, a water tower built too short to use, created give-a-ways to developers, and rehabbed the BCPA. The City Manager who oversaw these wastes of your money has been retired for years and collecting this pension:

Source: https://www.openthebooks.com/members/employer-detail/?Id=70008&tab=2&Year_P=2020

Of course taxpayers are still paying off most of the above list.

Monday’s Council meeting again had a long line of people from the Eastgate subdivision who are still trying to clean up the sewage mess from weeks ago. The City of Bloomington should be thanking their lucky stars I don’t live in Eastgate, I wouldn’t have been anything close to as nice as the speaker below. She has been dealing with sewage and water issues since she moved into her house

52 years ago!

She has tried over and over to get the City to fix the problems. They installed something in her basement that doesn’t help.

Still think government works for citizens?

If your answer is Yes, there is probably sewage swamp land available in Eastgate!

Some of the speakers moved to Eastgate more recently, I wonder if the previous owners disclosed the problems. It is required by law!

The City of Bloomington is getting MILLIONS of tax dollars from the feds. I know where that money should be spent. You know where that money should be spent.

The only question is: Does the Council, City Manager, and staff know?

Eastgate is not the only part of the City affected, evidently the other residents think being nice will get their problems fixed. (cue laughter)

Listen to all of the speakers by hitting play below. The first 4 minutes of the video has no sound, so skip those.

9 thoughts on “52 years of sewage

  1. Hamilton is and was an arrogant POS. Like Renner, was afflicted with little man’s disease. Tom was legendary for going to off-site conferences and meetings and taking his fishing equipment along. Would check in and no one would see him again until after the conference was over. Got caught once fishing a creek that was close to the hotel. Can remember him saying the City would never be involved in building an ice rink or arena as long as he was CM. We all saw how that worked out. Was always having city crews dump gravel, dirt and such for personal use in his driveway.

      1. My own eyes and ears are my proof and others that I trust that saw the same things. Guess I should have had a camera with me years ago and took pictures. Doesn’t matter anyway. BN/McLean County will continue to be a dumpster fire full of corruption whether you or I document any of it or not. Only reason I post is to expose the phonies that are rampant just like you. At least I did something about it and changed my future life by getting out of Dodge instead of most of the local talkers who only bitch and moan and never change a thing.

  2. In the discussion Carrillo praised the often used term “equitable” in the government financial help document. She commented that the sewage issue on the west side was (obviously) due to “systemic racism and systemic inequities”.

    She was not challenged by the half awake, comfortable frogs in the room enjoying their quiet, slow boil.

    If the “justice” warrior, Equity Racists have their way, the lady who spoke about 52 years of sewage will be disqualified or downgraded from help because of the color of her skin. THAT is Carrillo’s “Equity”

    To the City Council – this will be the result of you NOT STANDING UP to the Equity Racists!
    Some day you frogs will wonder what happened to your city but it will be too late. Jump out of the pan now and wake up!

    1. Jenn Carillo is a lame duck!! The best way to respond to her is no response at all because she craves attention and is looking for a reaction so she can play the oppressed POC. Jenn can quack all she wants but she has become irrelevant.
      There are 80+ miles of combined sewers in the Bloomington, in many neighborhoods, which affected all ethnicities and socio-economic groups.
      How ironic that the city has committed to a $13M water park on the west side (so gleefully voted in favor by Mollie, Julie, Jamie, Jeff, and Jenn) while several feet of raw sewage fills their constitutents’ homes.
      There were several council members who commented they want to use the $13M of Federal funding to accelerate the repair of the combined sewers/CSOs.

      1. Carrillo is a lame duck but the woke equity agenda in the council is not.

        There are two kinds of racists. The ones who proclaim it in the guise of equity and the ones who won’t fight for equality.

      2. FROMHERE, are you saying that the entire Bloomington City Council is racist? Are agreeing that there is systemic racism promoted by the Bloomington elected?

        1. Do Tell –
          No I’m not saying that the entire BCC is racist. I’m saying that –
          1. Equity is racism by another name. Racists hide behind the word. It encourages actions and attitudes based 100% on the color of a person’s skin (excluding Asians). For it to be valid you must repeal The Equal Protection Clause of The Fourteenth Amendment among other things.
          2. Mr. Craybill – He knows what equity means and he still openly supports it.
          3. The other council persons are too afraid of being called racists (IMO) so they ignore actions, plans and discussions based on the new equity principle when they are brought up. They ignore claims made that Bloomington is “full of white supremacist’s”, that our police force and chief of police are racists, our public works department is racist.

  3. I just want to point out AGAIN Jamie Mathey’s hypocrisy. He’s only on Council because no one ran against him. He doesn’t advocate for his Ward, he advocates for his downtown properties and businesses….signage, parking, TRANSPORTATION CENTER, Downtown Business Association, Salaries for City employees who advertise for him, BCPA, The Friends of. Money laundering I mean Arts and Bike Lanes.. How many millions of dollars used to shine the down town turd could have been used to fix sewers and streets that are horrible.

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