Normal: You get an underpass whether you want it or not

By: Diane Benjamin

Most of what you need to know about the passage of accepting all the grant money is in the underpass vote. Koos, McCarthy, Smith, and Cummings were enthusiastic Yes votes. Nord voted No, Preston and Lorenz squeaked out Yes votes after uncomfortable pauses. Watch just the vote here:

What else you need to know: the grants will not pay 93% of the cost. Costs to build the underpass were gathered years ago, they have increased. Kathleen Lorenz wanted the council to pass a “cap” on how much citizens would be charged, she withdrew her motion instead of forcing the other bobbleheads to vote against her. Stan Nord seconded her motion but did not withdraw it when she caved.

The other thing you need to know about this vote is it means essential services will not be funded:

  1. Sewage flooding basements won’t get fixed
  2. Rusty water in your house won’t get fixed
  3. Potholes in your streets won’t get fixed

Next up will be a new library however! The south side of the tracks has to be developed. Normal’s unlimited spending spree will never end.

Meanwhile the first floor of 1 Uptown Circle is still empty. Space in Uptown is obviously in HIGH demand (ha). Maybe Koos can relocate his bike shop there since the underpass will mean more money in his pocket. Of course, he will need to quit as mayor to get Town subsidies.

If you are just dying to watch the meeting, it doesn’t start until around 47:00. There was a Liquor Commission meeting before it. Public Comment consisted of one citizen – Karl Sila – speaking against the underpass. All of the rest were a staged conga line of former Normal officials. They are recruited to speak every time Koos wants to marginalize opposition. Citizens who emailed the Council wasted their time. Only appearing in person intimidates them into facing reality. Too bad only one person did.

There is more to report from this meeting, stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Normal: You get an underpass whether you want it or not

  1. 93% funded is a lie, misrepresentation, false statement, etc. Staff confirmed that it will cost Normal taxpayers more..they don’t even have all of the costs estimates finished! I am not surprised the staff and mayor continue to push this 93% funded lie. Normal has no ethical policy against lying and giving different lies depending on the audience in order to get what they want. The culture that has been fostered is the ends always justify the means. Watch the meeting and witness why Illinois is the most corrupt state in the US.

    I believe people want honesty from their government. Don’t look for Normal to be on the honesty bandwagon anytime soon.

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  2. They do as they please, because they can. A combination of fear, apathy and not enough resistance or support of the resistance that does try to resist allows them to easily and happily do this.I wish I had a quick and easy solution, but I don’t see the gentle cud chewers or happy little ovis aries putting up much of a fuss, but hey they’ll get to drink their wine in the park! They might even have some string quartet from the University come and play background music for them sometimes while “artists” hawk their “modern artrocities” nearby. Ahhh college towns eh?

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  3. “Citizens who emailed the Council wasted their time.” So did Karl Sila. It’s a done deal long before last night. Kathy and Scottie P can fake their hesitation, but it’s all part of their act. Kind of like Scottie P being sorry he got caught running up a hotel bill.

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    1. You imply that I was there speaking to get them to vote no. Not at all – I actually said that we all already knew they were going to pass the resolution. I was there to 1) get on the record as opposing their ego projects and being more concerned about our citizens and their basic needs in case I run for town council again, 2) contribute to a shame campaign to hopefully get them to address the sewer issues like the shame campaign that finally got them to address the brown drinking water in west Normal, and 3) inspire others to come forward, whether that means voicing their opinions, actively supporting good ‘public servant, not politician’ candidates, me or otherwise, or however else.
      So did I waste my time? It’s certainly possible, but I hope not, and we don’t know yet…

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      1. Any time someone challenges them or speaks up against them is not a waste of time, even if it plants just one little seed of doubt about the wisdom of the “masters” or activates curiosity in someone to learn more than what is being told and question “them” it has been a positive thing and not a complete waste of time.

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  4. Preston and Lorenz are RINOs. They believe government knows best and that building more government buildings in Upitytown is economic development. I voted for these 2 nitwads because Connie Beard said they were conservatives. I will not give the Republican Party another dime. They are worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are honest enough to say they are going to piss money away.

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  5. Speaking of not fixing the roads and wasting money, Normal is now using a scanner truck to drive around the entire city to “recommend” which roads need to be resurfaced first. No word on whether this actually helps with the current pothole problem.

    Good grief, I knew Illinois government was corrupt, but I believe Normal is trying to catch up to Chicago in terms of how corrupt the mayor and council can be.

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    1. I’m sure they consider Chicago the Jewel of the Prairie and the finest city in Illinois – one they aspire to be like, in every way possible.

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