Hope you had popcorn if you watched Bloomington’s Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner declared May Building safety month at last night’s Council meeting.  First, I guess he didn’t notice May is almost over.  Second, a City building recently burned to the ground.  The only “safe” part was nobody was in the building when it burned.  The media still hasn’t reported that fire.  When I get time I will calculate the total loss.

If you want to see Tari slap himself for skipping recognition of the appointments already passed by the Council – go to 9:40.

Public Comment had many people from Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit.  They were at Tari’s Open House and mostly repeated what they told him there.  If you want to see their comments, go to 10:20.  The speakers included former Ward 2 candidate Georgene Chissell and former Normal Trustee candidate Joel Studebaker.  Both had personal stories of using the bus that were not told Friday night.

The fun began next!

Jamie Mathy pulled Item 7C from the Consent Agenda.  Tari wanted 4 people appointed to two boards.  This item normally breezes through without comment.  Nobody mentioned Tari was appointing a “close” friend of Jenn Carrillo to one of the positions.  Jamie wanted the Council to review the process of appointments at a future meeting and hold off approving these four.

Tari got really upset at being challenged!  Start watching Mathy at 37:20.  At 39:30 Tari went on a tirade against this challenge to his executive authority.  He re-wrote appointment procedures to give himself the ultimate authority.  His diatribe went on until 45:30.  He went on more rants during the ensuing aldermen comments.

During the discussion Tari forgot the alderman approved changing their titles to Council member/person at the last meeting.  He tripped over calling each alderman or alderwomen instead.  At one point he call Joni (pronounce Johnny) Joni (traditional pronunciation) instead.  She’s been on the Council long enough for him to get it right.

Kimberly Bray knocked the mayor off his proverbial pedestal at 58:40.  The vote wasn’t taken until 1:17:45.  Tari lost big – only Carrillo and Crabill supported him.  Many aldermen mentioned this vote had nothing to do with Tari’s picks for the Connect Transit Board.  Mathy wanted a discussion of qualifications for boards and commissions.  It took 40 minutes to clip Tari’s arrogance, but they did.  Maybe instead of a public rebuke for his racist comment, the majority of the Council took this approach.

The establishment of a “Cultural District” passed.  The Cultural Commission claimed they wanted to start small.  See the map on PDF page  119:    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=21891

Besides the arena, they didn’t leave much out.  Supposedly they can apply for grants easier now.

These two items were pulled from the agenda for discussion at a future meeting.  Maybe a majority of the Council understands capitalism.

iwu tari

The video is cued to Jamie Mathy pulling the appointments.  Enjoy:




13 thoughts on “Hope you had popcorn if you watched Bloomington’s Council

  1. Tari’s rant about Executive/Mayor vs Council roles. How he, as mayor, can decide on his own, regardless of what the Council says. Yet………he doesn’t think Trump has the same right when it comes to the legislative branch.

    What a complete tool.

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  2. While watching this I felt like I was moved into an alternative reality were low IQ people have power and pretend to be leaders. As a side note: Trashy Jenn looks horrible sitting next to Mayor Little Man. It appears that she has not missed many meals lately. You got Mayor Little Man who looks like he just stepped out of a Corvette after a trip to the Caribbean next to what looks like a future bag lady.


      1. The visual imagery created by this leadership is symptomatic of the issues of their leadership or lack of it. Public officials are not shielded from the obvious issues (be it personal or professional) they project – Our president is a great example of this. I stand with our president in calling a spade a spade – a low IQ person a low IQ person – a crazy person a crazy person, a criminal a criminal, etc.,etc.


  3. Hi Tari. If your goal is to make boards and commissions “look more like our diverse community,” do you mean only those minorities who “behave” as you expect them to – according to their skin color – or are you willing to accept minorities who may not “behave” the way you expect. You know, like Clarence Thomas, or something.

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  4. Speaking of criminals: Has Mayor Little Man ever been prosecuted for his ILLEGAL use of the city credit card? That seemed to disappear from the establishments narrative’s radar… let it never happened. Weird how this all works in the land of OZ.


  5. Five star rating ! The mayor handed over the gavel and left the meeting for about five minutes. He is going to need a case of wrinkle remover for his forehead before this is over.


  6. I gotta agree with you NEVERSILENT! If Tari and Jen were knocking at MY door, i’d be getting the weaponry out and calling 911, unless it was Halloween.. Maybe the REST of the council has HAD IT with the mayors “antics” and decided to actually RUN things the way they SHOULD be, and now the way some “leftists” rebels demand..
    Remember THIS IS on the internet, and people from elsewhere see this and wonder WHAT kind of people we have here in Illinois?? But being from elsewhere, they’re probably smart enough to realize that these “folks” are NOT regular citizens. And WHY does Joni have “Alderman” and Jen has “Alderwoman” as their place “markers”??

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  7. Points of clarification: Is two or more or three or more council members meeting in private constitute a violation of the Open Meetings Act? Was Carrillo ever determined to be a legal U.S. citizen? Comment: Tari’s job as Mayor is to run council meetings, break tie votes and basically to be a conduit between the city manager and council. Anything else and he is basically overstepping his authority as Mayor. Am I wrong?


  8. Yes it is wonderful that common people like us can now have a voice that everyone can hear. And thanks to Diane’s efforts at bringing Blono transparency and real news, Mayor Little Man, Fuhrer Koos and their accomplices can no longer do what ever they want without people noticing. Transparency and accountability has come to the leadership of Blono and the world. And yes, we will not ever be silent again.


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