Bloomington’s torturous meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

I keep forgetting to mention the City has a new website. It is much more functional, content remains to be seen. The last one was impossible to search quickly for the information wanted.

See 2:19:56. Bloomington already has it’s second Deputy City Manager. Corporate Council Jeff Jurgens is taking the job. Tim Gleason stated people don’t realize how big the organization is. Yes we do Tim, you GREW it big.

Last night’s meeting was way too long with too many reports for one night. Including an Executive Session the length of the meeting was close to 3 hours. The aldermen either deserve a salary increase or shorter meetings. They are currently paid $4,800 a YEAR. Normal raised Trustee salaries to $6,800. Koos makes $32,000, Mboka makes $12,000.

Connect Transit was first because they gave the same presentation to the Normal Council last night. They will be buying gas powered “micro buses” for $125,000 each to pick up people at their homes and either deliver them directly to their destination or a transfer station. Members of both Councils asked CT representatives if they had talked to Rivian about electric vehicles, the answer both times was No Comment. Insurance for the more expensive electric buses is budgeted 35% higher than the old gas buses. See the presentation slides starting at 8:30.

Next Monday the Council will hear the plans for their downtown transfer station.

The library was next. Work being done now should be completed by the end of this year. Slides can be seen at 36:24.

The O’Neil Water Park was next. It didn’t open this year because shallow infrastructure was found that delayed construction for 3 months last year. I didn’t hear anyone ask what the additional cost was to relocate all the infrastructure. See the presentation at 49:10. Gleason called it an exciting project. It should be completed around the end of August at which time a ribbon cutting ceremony will celebrate the fact that most of the project can’t be used for another 9+ months. The skate park and splash pad might open – the “supportive” neighbors get to ogle the lazy river, massive slide, and pools until next year.

At 1:09:00 Melisa Hon (Community Development) detailed grants that will be available using the allocated American Rescue Plan funds. Small Businesses, Non-profits, and housing rehab have programs available. See the slides for more information.

Next was a presentation on the City’s compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. They claim they don’t have to comply, they want to. This applies to City facilities. See the slide at 1:28:27 for links to file a grievance with Chief Diversity Officer Michael Hurt.

1:48:00 The City has committed to a diverse workforce which means applicants are judged on the color of their skin instead of qualifications. The City now wants a diverse procurement policy so women and minorities can do business with the City. Again discrimination based on color and gender. Michael Hurt (DEI) thinks it is in the best interest of the everyone to do this, any additional cost to taxpayers or quality of work is immaterial. Contracts over $50,000 must include a commitment to diversity. See the slide at 1:52:40. Of course discrimination and increased costs weren’t mentioned. They call it Equal Opportunity Contracting. I’ve heard the City’s DEI has more staff than just Hurt. How many Tim? Hurt’s total compensation last year was $129,590.63.

Molly Ward thought the City’s goals for compliance were too low. See 2:08:30. City Attorney Jeff Jurgens states if companies prove they attempted to comply with the policy they can still be considered compliant. They have to document how they tried to be diverse and inclusive.

See 2:12:35. Nick Becker tried to get some clarity on the policy. Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus admitted contracts can still be awarded if contractors try to comply.

The only way to prove this fad is needed is to prove there have never been successful women or minority owned businesses. Since that isn’t true, this does nothing but increase costs for the City and contractors. Equity means the best have to be diminished so the worst look better. White contractors aren’t welcome unless they are female. Obviously this presentation was last for a reason.

Meritocracy has always been why this country invented, developed, and out-performed the rest of the world. Competence and exceptionalism was rewarded. Those days are over thanks to diversity, equity, and inclusion. (also called Marxism)

6 thoughts on “Bloomington’s torturous meeting

    1. It sure is. And yet, the leftist progressive marxist democrats are popping corks, slapping each other on the back, and celebrating.

  1. Marxism implemented under the guise of “diversity”. He would be so proud as would all the former Soviet leader, CCP and Communist regimes. As I wrote over ten years ago in the Pantagraphs opinion section, when the Soviet Union fell, the Communist Party didn’t end and become capitalists. They sought to infiltrate the US in more subtle ways, seeing that direct action against our country, culture and society only hardened our resolve. Instead, the Marxists chose the long term path of manipulation.

    Propagating unrest in the youth, infiltrating the Universities, restructuring the educational system and creating a system of social welfare and a new system of government that offered more protection for less freedoms. They pushed social taboos as “civil” rights. Splitting the races, cutting every line between our community, man vs woman, rich vs poor, gay vs straight, married vs single, pro-life vs pro- abortion, pro-constitution vs protectionism, world trade vs US workers, real science vs opinion science, facts and truth vs opinion and feelings, enforcing law vs enforcing beneficial laws.

    Weakening our society, culture, education, trust in government, and trust in each other. Spending our treasure frivolously on war, social welfare, social justice, and waste, cronyism and fraud. With the destruction of law comes the downward spiral of society dependent on the government for resources that they are dependent on. A government that despises them in actuality. The old politburo, the elite, the corrupt, the arrogant, the communist “pigs” at the farm.

  2. Be cautious who all in Bloomington is involved contractually in the IT/infrastructure and “law enforcement” and safety narratives you all see “hero’s” evolving from. $$&&. Lotsa shady people and money in that and Bloomington leads the path

    Typical historically for leadership there.

    EBE time wants to be a second hand provate sue these days. (For pay)

    You are all test rats. And you pay for it all.

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