Normal: Buy Local is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin

The entire meeting was a little over an hour. I suggest citizens who plan to vote watch a few meetings instead of believing campaign literature.

Of course no one showed up to speak at the Public Hearing on the budget. Many of the Trustees congratulated themselves on its greatness however. Spending on roads is up but they neglect to say A LOT of the spending is grant money (West College) and free Fed bucks. Roads are only an issue because it’s an election year. You are suppose to forget the MANY years they were neglected.

Kathleen Lorenz even created her own spending chart. That tall blue stat is spending that includes West College grant money. She didn’t include that fact in her comments.

The Council voted to buy water materials and supplies from a company in Washington Il instead of local. Their bid was a little less, evidently the “buy local” preference wasn’t applied. Remember this the next time a hydrant or water main needs repairs and the Town staff has to run to Washington for parts. The next time the Council tells you to Buy Local remember they don’t.

A check in the packet was written to Farr Associates for $14,400. Stan Nord asked Pam Reece if that was the total amount paid to Farr for the Uptown South Plan. Pam didn’t know but thought yes, later she corrected herself. He was paid $80,000 Pam:

Pam was asked by Stan Nord if the Town instructed Farr to eliminate natural gas in the area. Pam claimed no but said Farr knows the Town policy on sustainability. Just hit play below, it jumps into the conversation. Chris Koos wants to cut Stan off. Koos then claims “sustainability” isn’t political. Yes it is, if Koos doesn’t understand reality he needs to resign today! “Green” stands for money – stealing yours and handing it to insiders. It is political and the chosen religion of the left. How much more are you paying for energy now that “sustainability” pretends the sun doesn’t have a bigger impact on climate than people?

3 thoughts on “Normal: Buy Local is immaterial

  1. It is sad when tax dollars don’t stay at home to support our local businesses and the families that live here. Shame on them for spending more money to do business with outsiders over local small businesses.

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  2. Thank you Stan Nord, you ask questions that no one else will ask tells me you are involved and concerned about how money is being spent, and on what. You are for the citizens unlike the bobble heads that have been running this city into the ground for years.

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