Normal: Buy Local is immaterial

By: Diane Benjamin The entire meeting was a little over an hour. I suggest citizens who plan to vote watch a few meetings instead of believing campaign literature. Of course no one showed up to speak at the Public Hearing on the budget. Many of the Trustees congratulated themselves on its greatness however. Spending on […]

Proof Normal’s staff runs the Town

By: Diane Benjamin The email below proves the Town staff knows the Council will pass whatever is brought to them. All but one Trustee doesn’t make independent votes on what is best for the citizens, they vote for “progress” as defined by staff. Just last Monday Doug Farr presented the Uptown South project as he […]

More on Normal tonight:

By: Diane Benjamin Besides handing a big raise to Pam Reece, below are a few items on the agenda. Will $8000 more cover inflation for her? At the April 4th Normal meeting the council approved sending $79,612.50 to Connect Transit: Tonight they will send this to the empty bus folks: Did Normal […]

Kashima: Why she got $13,000

Update: There is a link between Kashima and Tom Dabareiner (Community Development).  See this link: Click to access MOT00-05158_ZONING.pdf By:  Diane Benjamin Earlier today I reported payment to Courtney Kashima at Monday’s Council meeting. Reading the 375 page packet, I found out why she was paid.  See the packet here, starting on page 181: […]

Bloomington: You were lied to

Nobody ever mentioned during the elections that plans for Downtown Bloomington has been worked on way before anybody won.  Didn’t you wonder why certain groups picked out the people they wanted elected?  Doug Farr is the same guy involved with Uptown Normal.  Maybe this email will shed some light: To: [email protected][email protected][email protected] From: Jeanette Velazquez <[email protected]> Date: 11/26/2012 12:04PM […]