Koos’ Conflict of Interest

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a map of Normal’s Uptown TIF. Look at the right side, see the area west of Oak St that is not in the TIF?

That is Chris Koos’ 2 businesses, he rents the space. https://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/parcel/view/1427308009/2020

Why were his two businesses carved out of the TIF boundaries? Because it would be a conflict of interest for him to vote on any TIF issues?

Now jump to the Uptown Plan Farr and Associates and Gibbs Planning Group did for the Town of Normal in 2000. Evidently the Town believes a 21 year old document still applies. Start reading at the beginning, much of what it suggests has been accomplished.


Jump to PDF page 32:

Chris Koos’ business is right in the document. His “less-than-great location” has been quite profitable during COVID according to Koos. When he decides to retire as mayor will he be “induced”?

This entire document proves Normal is anti-business and pro big government. Do it our way and we will pay you, otherwise we will obstruct your plans.

Jump to PDF page 13, the title to this section is at the bottom of page 12: Veteran Parkway:

This paragraph verifies what everybody already knows. The Koos friends and family plan is quite active using government to get the results they want instead of letting the free market prosper on its own.

Farr doesn’t like cars. His opening paragraph is the reason Veterans Parkway has growth while downtown is limited. Parking in Uptown is a joke, but it was built that way on purpose. Evidently past Councils didn’t see the obvious.

The entire document is filled with things freedom loving people hate. Normal is 21 years too late paying attention.

2 thoughts on “Koos’ Conflict of Interest

  1. This is demonstrable evidence of the failure of central planning. Despite spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on Uptown and simultaneously purposefully obstructing growth on Veteran’s Parkway, the former is a failure while the latter is a success. Just goes to show that government central planning doesn’t work and that the market is the market and it doesn’t give a rip what Koos or his “professional staff” think.

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  2. Government regulators pick the winners and losers in Normal. The free market has shown this does not work. Lots of vacant space in uptown and Veterans still draws in new businesses.

    Too bad Koos is fixated on uptown and the fantasy that bike sales and a music shop are economic drivers.

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