Science is NEVER settled

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  1. So gravity is in question? The laws of thermal dynamics are suspect? Plain physics is now up in the air? You made a very broad claim that science is NEVER settled. Pleas expound on your statement.

  2. “I see everyday what the media does to people, they don’t even know they are lied to.” I see it too, and no, they don’t, they don’t even question what they are being fed or do any actual true research.

    1. What if You’re being lied to? Ever considered that possibly? That you delete comments that may point to another way to consider what is happening with the science behind climate change. That you refuse to understand science does not bode well for you side of the argument.
      Galileo knew that the Sun was the center of our solar system. He was silenced by those who wanted the status quo. I think something like that is happening here and it’s a damn shame that anyone has to be silenced and told to shut up. Silencing is what repressive government do and that’s not how science works in a free society.

      1. What if YOU are being lied to? Does that thought EVER cross your mind? Do you think it’s right and good that counter arguments are actually being silenced on a grand scale by the current tech giants and the leftist media and those showing evidence against what is being presented are made out to be crack-pots and “quacks”? It’s also hilarious that you say that’s what a repressive government does and uh, yeah look at how the LEFT operates these days. When the “right does it, it’s simply because we/they are SICK of being canceled, deleted and silenced and it is in retaliation. Also, an actual free society is what the people on the “right” want, the “vision” of the leftist “reset”/”new normal” promoters does not resemble a free society in any way. Actually, I’m just wasting my words here, you are likely beyond reach.

  3. Climate change is entirely POLITICAL. Weren’t all the sea coasts supposed to be underwater right now? It’s the same with the covid bullshit. Did anyone see ambulances and mortuary vans racing up and down your street every day carting out dead bodies by the dozens? The answer to both questions is summarily: NO. And don’t feed me second-hand bullshit about what you saw on a television screen. I lived in Manhattan until recently, and last April-May I rode my bike around five of New York’s largest hospitals each day for weeks and WITH MY OWN EYES I SAW they were virtually EMPTY — a couple of nurses outside the door smoking and laughing. But the agenda (and psychological/propaganda tactics) for the climate change hoax and the covid hoax are the exact same. “Government” creates a huge fearful phantom problem to herd people toward a “solution” that invariably gives government more centralized power, and ordinary people less freedom. (Don’t get me started on 9-11 and the Patriot Act.) And if you liberals think that you’re gonna get a place at that “special” table just because you were an ignorant, mindless cheerleader and enabler, a member of the club, I got some bad news for you. You aren’t part of the plan. You aren’t special and YOU ARE DISPOSABLE once your useful idiocy is not needed. You’ll be in the proverbial sh*thouse like everyone else, and you won’t like it. Your ignorance and gullibility will NOT put the rest of us in the gulag archipelago. Read Solzhenitsyn’s book, by the way, for a backward preview of your socialist utopia. But you won’t. You’ll stupidly and religiously quote your false idols like John Kerry and the troll Anthony Fauci as gospel because you have no critical thinking ability or common sense. You are literally sheep. And that’s gonna be your fatal downfall — one way or another — while the rest of us survive.

    1. BRAVO! Well said, and reality, something many of the sheep (yes I said sheep) are not very well acquainted with these days. I don’t even like calling them sheep to be honest, sheep, at least those that are let roam free, are more resistant, less obedient, less trusting and smarter than a lot of these people. Also, thanks for the NYC report, I’ve gotten similar reports from a couple New Yorkers I know and from some other cities.

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