ISU’s next President

By: Diane Benjamin

The search committee for the next President was composed of 32 members, click the link above to see the names.

This statement is on that site:

The search committee reported to the Board of Trustees who made the final determination.

Did they tell the new President ISU’s credit rating is Baa2?

Anybody think there is a ZERO chance the new President will be a white male even if the most qualified candidate was?

Anybody think the new President will return to educating instead of indoctrinating?

The salary will be almost double what the highest paid State Governor earns. President Dietz got performance bonuses and a house. The new president likely will too.–122258-public-employees-earned-100000-costing-taxpayers-158-billion-despite-pandemic/

Quote from the April 19, 2021 story:

Current Illinois State University President Larry Dietz (salary: $364,820) was out-earned by retired ISU president Clarence A. Bowman, who collected a $422,039 pension.

The new President will be announced Friday.






6 thoughts on “ISU’s next President

  1. When people talk about “teacher pensions” this is specifically where the problem is. Not only is the individual admin compensation outrageous , but the pensions that follow are too. Then as a taxpayer you might ask how many active pensions are paid in a single role, and how many pensions can an administrator accrue. Compare admin programs to what real teachers get and it’s easy to see the subterfuge. The problem is ALWAYS at the top.

    1. After four or five years of service, teachers in Unit Five and District 87 are very well compensated. Don’t believe me, just look up their salaries and years of service. Some are even eligible for tenure at the high school and junior high level which is beyond ridiculous. I get the administrative argument which is true but most teachers in this community are far from receiving pauper wages even with just a bachelor’s degree. That is to say nothing of their handsome IMRF pension once they retire Spare me the arguments about all the caring things they do and how they reach in their own pockets to pay for some classroom supplies. Compared to other local working stiffs, these people do very well indeed.

  2. The inmates are already running the assulum. The role of the university president has been reduced to that of a mere figurehead. I suspect the blue check brigade, SJW, and cancel culture mob are ready to participate in the selection process…in their own special way.

  3. This search process was a sham. Those of us working here had zero chance to hear from the finalists. We have no idea if the person would be a good fit or not. Shared governance, my ass.

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