Unit 5: Class video

By: Diane Benjamin

I’ve spent hours re-reading a FOIA I received from Unit 5 in early April. Ask your kids how many time EQUITY is mentioned in school. Nobody is entitled to equity, they are entitled to EQUAL however. Equity means making everyone the same. That philosophy is socialist/marxist, not American where we strive for equal opportunity. Individuals must seize opportunities for equality, government can’t provide it. I saw equity mentioned numerous times in emails.

The video below was used in at least one classroom. It’s pretty short. There is a point I disagree with in the video, but the end is amusing. It claims Confucius said: Do not inflict upon others that which you yourself would not want.

Look up Matthew 7:12. Of course the Bible isn’t allowed in classrooms, Confucius is.

I can’t tell from the information I received why this was shown. Maybe one of your kids at Normal Community saw it and can explain.

8 thoughts on “Unit 5: Class video

  1. Thanks again Diane for taking the time to collect the information and sharing it.

    This Confucius teaching will have to be canceled when the Critical Race Theory based teaching goes into effect in Illinois. – “Do not inflict upon others that which you yourself would not want.”

    It is diametrically opposed to the CRT teaching that says – all you evil white kids must admit your privilege guilt, apologize and be shamed, and all you white teachers better agree and inflict it or you WILL lose your teaching license.

    Ask the Illinois Board of Education itself if this is not, in effect, what they intend to inflict on our school children and their teachers.

    CRT can not survive. It collapses under the weight of its own ignorance and immorality.

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  2. All men are created equal is a Marxist Socialist idea? Equity: The state or quality of being just and fair. It does NOT mean everyone has to be “the same”. So according to you being just and fair is a Marxist and socialist idea. Far be it for kids in Unit 5 learn about the philosopher Confucius. Socrates and Plato must also be verboten all philosophy is suspect. The fact that you think being just and fair is some sort of foreign idea is beyond bizarre. You have no idea what the heck you’re talking about to say the least.

    There is separation of Church and state. Religion has no place in public schools.


    1. Bend it,
      You are using the old definition of equity. The new woke definition has nothing to do with being just and fair and intends to do away with the idea of equality. The new definition assigns guilt and innocence according to social classifications. We’ve seen this play before. The author is Karl Marx.

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      1. Marxists and/or BLM trace the root of “inequity” back to the family. Upbringing is the greatest source of a persons success or failure in life. Therefore one of their (now hidden) 13 guiding principles is –

        “Disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another.”

        Their solution isn’t to support and encourage nuclear families in their community, it is to get rid of them.

        Short term it looks like their idea is to use our school system to instill their beliefs and ethics in our children.

        That’s their definition of equity.

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    2. The purpose of the separation clause was to prevent the establishment of a “state religion” nothing more and nothing less. You, like many others, pervert its intention. Like most, your understanding of civics is sorely lacking.

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      1. I have a perfect understanding of civics. You’re freedom to practice your religion ends with me not having to follow it. No matter what religion doesn’t belong in public schools. You have no idea who I am BTW.


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