FOIA lawsuits are an easy win Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin The Bloomington police are still hiding information. Evidently they want sued. h/t a reader who lives by Constitution Trail This isn’t a one time occurence. Frequently a lot of grass is missed when Bloomington mows along the trail because the mower is too big. If the grass isn’t missed it gets scalped […]

Attractive Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this mowing fail from July 20th? The next day it was cleaned up: (Thanks to the same reader who sent the above) The pictures below are from a different reader. These are a little north of the ones above. The reader claims this hasn’t been touched in months. Normal put […]

Remember the signs Normal puts in the Middle of the Road?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t Doug Fansler Remember these? Doug FOIA’d Normal for how many the Town has purchased and how much they cost. Since 2017 they have ordered a bunch of them. The Town has ONE sign at 6 locations. The signs and stands evidently don’t last long. 8/2/17 Bought 2 for $342.45 8/22/17 […]

Travel the trail in Normal? Bring a shovel

By: Diane Benjamin Remember last year when the trails in Normal were plowed before the streets? I remember staff saying Parks and Rec had special equipment just for snow removal on the trail that can’t be used on the roads. Trust is earned, does the Town of Normal earn yours? That special equipment must […]

Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin A few choice bills: I wonder why the Coliseum is still a separate audit! Still no reports from BCPA events, what are they hiding? I wonder why they paid a whole year instead of monthly? What was investigated? From the meeting agenda: The only problem I have with the Ward […]

Citizens have hated those stop signs for YEARS, they are ignored

By: Diane Benjamin See this story from earlier today is you missed it: Below is the text of an email from August 2020 to the Normal Town Council, the author was purposely redacted. This email had been sent to Town Planner Mercy Davidson in November of 2019. Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 8:54 […]

MIA Common Sense in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of expecting people using Constitution Trail to STOP before crossing busy roads, Normal has put the below in the middle of some streets expecting vehicles traveling much faster to slam on their breaks for bikes and pedestrians: Normal has these on Raab, Shelbourne, Lincoln, Willow and Locust. People who don’t drive […]

4 things you need to know:

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Buying a Rivian? How are you going to charge it? According to this story Rivian will connect you with a company called Qmerit: You can sign up and pay seamlessly on line to get a charging system installed in your home! How much will it cost? Installation: $750 to […]

Koos’ Conflict of Interest

By: Diane Benjamin Below is a map of Normal’s Uptown TIF. Look at the right side, see the area west of Oak St that is not in the TIF? That is Chris Koos’ 2 businesses, he rents the space. Why were his two businesses carved out of the TIF boundaries? Because it would be […]

What do you call a politician who votes HIS pocketbook?

By: Diane Benjamin Story from 2018: Excerpt: “Constitution Trail has been a big benefit to biking and to bike sales,” said Chris Koos, owner of Vitesse Cycle Shop in Normal. I bet you thought all those Bike Trail extensions Normal keeps making their citizens pay for while the roads are less than adequate were […]

Hey Normal: The Normal Town Council has never voted to build the underpass, that hasn’t stop “staff” from making it happen anyway. Citizens now have a chance to comment. Your comments will supposedly be forwarded to the Federal Railroad Administration. Read the description at the link above and then email comments to: [email protected] Utopia is only […]

Proving yet again Normal doesn’t want to hear from citizens . . . .

Monday night the Town of Normal is finally “fixing” their Public Comment Policy. The Town is making sure it as difficult as possible for citizens: PDSF page 105:–PDF Right now citizens aren’t allowed to talk about anything not on the agenda. That was obviously illegal and the Town knew it. Instead of just having […]

Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Before the 7:00 meeting the Council is holding a Work Session. At 6:00 they will discuss raising the gas tax. The Town wants more money for Connect Transit, a service most will never use and those that need it no longer can. Expect other items, the “professional staff” and Koos need […]