The rest of Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin

Ward 6 had no representation last night – Jenn Carrillo decided not to show up and nobody said a word about her missing except in Public Comment.

Maybe Jenn had to get ready for her court hearing today:

She is charged with disobeying a police officer and improper parking on a roadway for her stunt claiming to protect protesters at the courthouse.

In other action:

The Council agreed to spend $775,000 to have O’Neil Park and pool redesigned. This is ONLY the design, imagine how much it will cost!

The Council also voted to approve requiring all establishments serving alcohol with a capacity of over 300 to install a sprinkler system. This was part of adapting the 2018 International Building Code. Jamie Mathy was the only NO vote citing the cost to non-profit organizations like Knights of Columbus. The establishments now have 3 years to comply.

The Council also approved extending Constitution Trail from Lafayette Street to Hamilton Road in conjunction with current Hamilton Road Project. The State will be paying part of the cost.

Otherwise, the Council has no intention of going back to meeting in person. I believe the Illinois Supreme Court is hearing Pritzker’s appeal tomorrow on the case that has already ruled his shutdowns illegal. Stay tuned. We will find out if anyone in Illinois cares about the law. Pritzker doesn’t.

The first third of the meeting was appointments, recognitions, and Public Comment. Actual business was only around an hour.

7 thoughts on “The rest of Bloomington last night

  1. Jenn probably wants a trial so she can grandstand about civil disobedience and paint herself as a modern-day MLK or Rosa Parks. Wonder how many of her supporters will be in the courtroom. I’m sure Tari is trying to convince her to quietly plead guilty, pay the fine, and put this behind her. Hope Jen shows us the fool she really is by pressing this case forward. Hope the police are pushing the DA’s office to make an example out of her. Wonder if the Slantagraph and GLT have been told to stand down and wait for a press release from Tari’s fax machine.

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  2. I think Jenn took the night off to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day which she wants to be a paid City holiday. Maybe she was too wasted…


  3. Did she ever properly respond to the question/challenge regarding her citizenship with actual supporting documentation?? I could see her being concerned about that coming up during Public Comment and therefore blowing off the meeting.


  4. Wonder IF she has a lawyer, as I would not take her case, and IF she is representing herself, WELL, you know what they say about that.. POINT PROVEN!


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