The “you are a racist” public comment

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington City Council meeting 10-12-2020 The line for Public Comment took time as it always does on Zoom. Just a handful of people calling for a Welcoming Ordinance and changing the name of Columbus Day showed up. It’s nice to know Bloomington doesn’t have real problems like the person who was murdered yesterday in broad daylight and two others critically wounded. Only two comments are worth your time: The first comment is by Jon Reed. He read a passage from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt on immigration:

Later the current AOC face of the Democrat Party local realtor Robert Garcia responded. He decided it was acceptable at Public Comment to call Jon Reed a racist.  Hear part of his comment here:

The Democrat Party has left democrats. Garcia is proof.

Garcia also proves the far left doesn’t care what you think.

11 thoughts on “The “you are a racist” public comment

  1. I have determined that anytime you see someone on the left accusing the right of doing something, the vast majority of the time it’s nothing more than projection. Four years targeting Trump over Russia, turns out Hillary is the real Russian asset. If they call you racist, chances are the person making the accusation is the most racist person you’ve ever seen. Robert and his brother are both just a social media comment away from harassment. Not to mention, some of the nasty comments I’ve seen both of them making would get them both is serious trouble if they said those things in person. And I’m not referring to trouble with the law, either. In fact, I would love for Sonny to make some of the comments he’s made on social media to me in person, because I bet his mouth is a lot bigger than his brain. I have screenshots of Sonny posting black on white racism and saying he has no problem with it. This moron tried to tell me that saying “I hate commies” is hate speech and against the law. And now, evidently, Robert seems to not do too much thinking about what he says before he says it, either.

    All I can think of in this case is Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where King Arthur looks towards the camera and says, “You’re loony.”


  2. Ah, yes, the old “You are a racist” card. I would have been more surprised not to hear it at last night’s clown show. Seriously, folks, the name of a holiday for a guy that died about 500 years ago is the most pressing issue in Bloomington?! I’m sure there was virtually no discussion of how to reopen Bloomington, addressing the economic/tax shortfall from COVID, or the growing number of vacant commercial spaces. Jen will spin her appearance as not wanting to support Columbus or as an appreciation for indigenous people. My hunch is, Renner probably told her to take the night off out of fear that she would fly off the handle during the meeting and he’d have to go around mending fences or ducking questions. This community ought to be worried about how few people care about the actual goings-on among the Bloomington leadership. Makes me wonder how many people have checked out and are this close to leaving.

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  3. It’s TIME that ALL these idiots just chill out and sit back and let AMERICA progress! PERIOD!! WE did NOT get where we ARE by arguing with each OTHER about petty assed bullshit such as WHO and WHAT day this is about.
    OK! I am part Native American, have lived on reservations for 5 summers of my life. YES Custer wore Arrow shirts, and Indians CAN be just as crazy-but they can be just as good. But ask yourself THIS! IF they are such ignorant people, HOW did they live on the prairies, mountains and such for over 5,000 years and only survive to be decimated by Europeans who killed the
    buffalo and brought disease? LET’s NOT forget their heroes and stories, let alone their “lore of the land” as they believed they did not own it, just were using it while they where here”. WE ALL ARE!


  4. Robert Garcia called me a Racist POS just last Wednesday. He posted some link about how a majority of Americans supported ObamaCare. All I did was laugh at his post. Not 20 minutes later, I had a “nice” FB message from.him.


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