Accident or the REAL Tari?

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night – Bloomington City Council – extremely short clip:

Where is the WOKE crowd?

11 thoughts on “Accident or the REAL Tari?

  1. Haha, if that was me, they would be mad at me constantly, because I call people (meaning everyone) bro, honey, dude, sweetie, dear, etc. It’s even more prevalent the further south you go. Since I was born and raised in Kentucky, I heard men, AND WOMEN, call each other those types of informal names for years. People who thought and language police others are scumbags and just want to suck the life and joy out of everything.

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  2. Obviously not all folks were taught manners early in their life and it appears some have yet to catch on today. Poor manners is alive and well here, and not just male chauvinists like Tari. Wonder what Tari calls his IWU studeJT’s.


  3. He caught himself, so he understands the faux pas. Anyway, could you imagine if this was a conservative? If it were Stan (which is highly unlikely), WGLT would have a front-page article on its website and would bring on “nationally renowned” diversity workplace advocates and bias “experts” to lecture him and us. Free pass for Tari, naturally.

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  4. To JT I COMPLETELY understand what you are saying! I used to go visit friends in N.C. that owned a bakery and they way that african americans and whites talk to each other down there is WAY different then it is here in the north. I REALLY noticed, especially in the DEEP south when I’d go to a restaurant and get a african american woman as a waitress, and she would be the most FRIENDLY person in the world. PERIOD! I’d always feel bad and tip them well, as they WERE hard working AMERICANS and out just doing what they had to do, but they went ABOVE and beyond the call of duty. I ALWAYS enjoyed travelling the DEEP SOUTH because of the people, food, music, and
    “southern hospitality” which I believe is NO accident. THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE WORKING FOR A LIVING and just want to be treated fair. Not too much to ask! NEVER once ran into an “attitude”!

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