Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

A few choice bills:

I wonder why the Coliseum is still a separate audit!

Still no reports from BCPA events, what are they hiding?

I wonder why they paid a whole year instead of monthly?

What was investigated?

From the meeting agenda:

The only problem I have with the Ward 6 appointment is 3 of the 9 Aldermen will recuse themselves from any downtown issues. I don’t know De Urban, but some readers think she will carefully consider issues:

The City wants to contract for bulk fuel. If this chart doesn’t prove who runs the country matters you are probably a democrat:

Yes you did Joe, uniformed comments will be deleted

Just for preliminary engineering:

Regular Agenda:

The Zoning Board of Appeals denied this application. No one from the public objected. The Council is being asked to decide the issue: (starts on PDF page 142)

Legal want to enshrine in code the City’s position on alley vacations: (PDF page 167)

Next the Council will vacate the alley discussed last August for $4000.

Council will also consider changes to the Video Gaming ordinance (pdf page 222)

Budget Amendment for Locust Colton CSO Elimination and Water Main Replacement, Phase 5. (pdf page 226)

In related action: (pdf page 289)

The Finance Director will issue his monthly report, something Normal doesn’t do but should.

One more note: buying ammunition for the police is on the consent agenda. I wonder if Crabill will object . . . .









4 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

  1. The Coliseum/Arena, BCPA, and Convention & Visitors Bureau exist strictly for themselves, their do-nothing and unaccountable leaders and employees, and their “right fit” vendors feeding at the trough. They move taxpayer money around, dodge any efforts at transparency and accountability, and don’t have an ounce of basic business acumen.

  2. Woke up this morning to the “Carrillo Matter” Who does she think she is? I patiently await your post on the vote for Ward 6. WAKE up everyone. You can see by the vote who works for the betterment of the city and who is a joke. Mollie Ward? Jamie Matheny? Jeff Crabill? So much to say!! Cripes. City Council needs to quit being WOKE before we go BROKE.

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