Replacing Jenn – 4 progressives to go

By: Diane Benjamin

Did you know Jenn Carrillo won her seat with overwhelming support? Many people at Public Comment last night claimed she did.

They are trying to re-write history, their claims are WRONG. A measly 716 people bother to vote from Ward 6 in 2019. Carrillo received 379 votes, Schmidt got 337. For the math challenged, Carrillo won by less than 6% of the vote. That isn’t overwhelming support kids.

I was asked numerous times while Jenn was seated how she could be recalled. In Illinois We The People aren’t allowed to correct mistakes by recalling politicians. Luckily, Carrillo recalled herself. Nobody believes she couldn’t find a place to live in her Ward. She could have bought one of the houses for sale instead of buying one outside the Ward. She deserted Ward 6 herself. Maybe she was embarrassed by EVERY ONE of her candidates losing this year.

While seated Carrillo attacked a business because they dared name their new endeavor Gypsy without knowing the “woke” rules. She wanted the police defunded, every survey shows poor neighborhoods want more police because that’s where a lot of crime takes place. She fought for prisoners, illegal aliens, and weed smokers far more than her hard working constituents. Carrillo was an embarrassment to the City.

Slap Jenn’s face on flyers as the #1 reason to not vote for progressives!

In 2023 the voters will have a chance to dump two others who did not support her replacement: Julie Emig and Jeff Crabill. You are stuck with Jamie Mathy and Mollie Ward since they were just elected. I really hope the Ward 6 cry babies that spoke last night find another Carrillo to run in 2023. I bet more than 716 people would actually vote. The Ward deserved Carrillo for not voting in 2019, I hope they learned their lesson!

The speakers last night demanded Jenn be replaced with a like minded individual. That’s really funny! Per the code: the Mayor appoints, the Council approves. There was never enough votes to appoint another loon. Crabill leaked private conversations to WGLT and they lapped it up.

Mollie Ward, Jamie Mathy, Jeff Crabill, and Julie Emig would have voted for another Jenn – they all voted against De Urban after claiming they would still support her. The vote was all show for the loud but small number of far leftists in town. The next time you hear “progressive” remember the term really means socialist, Marxist, and communist. If they win on some point it encourages them to move further left. Totalitarians have no place in American government, local voters need to actually vote to prevent electing more of them.

Less than 10% of registered voters showed up in 2019. The citizens deserved what they got.

School Board members were elected too. Failure to vote is why your kids are wearing masks.

Several people commented on other topics. One spoke about the injustice of video gaming licenses because staff threw one in a development agreement while some people have been waiting for years. Another guy claimed the City is trying to collect $7000 from him because his tenants didn’t pay their water bill. Progressive Illinois government allowed squatters to not pay rent or bills for more than a year with no consequences. Nothing keeps the vagrants from moving out without ever requesting financial assistance. Government created this travesty, they are doing nothing to fix it.

Just hit play below to hear Public Comment. Jenn Carrillo called in, too chicken to appear in person. The vote on De Urban and swearing in followed.

8 thoughts on “Replacing Jenn – 4 progressives to go

  1. SHAME on those who voted against De Urban. THESE same people are the ones that we must vote out ASAP. Number one on the list is Jeff Craybill with all others following behind. Jamie Mathy is a waste of space and air. He is fake…as bad as CNN. Maybe the yahoos that voted no should stop being WOKE. No one likes it. Get over yourselves. The mayor pulled through this…and did the right thing! Boo hoo to the likes of Zach Gett, Krystle Able and Sonny Garcia. NONE of you hold the majorities belief. You are all just simple losers.

  2. The same types of lib-leaning closet racists voted against Mboka when he was appointed.

    Mollie Ward appears to be a curiously daffy bigot – almost schizo in her ‘reasoning’ and votes.

    Crabill knows what is coming in the next election . Far from certain if the Government Affairs Dept. @ State Farm will come thru with campaign financing support this cycle either.

  3. Maybe the mayor should have picked someone that would intend to make other council member’s lives a living hell?

  4. Craybill or crudbill represents my district I did not vote for him and he has sure proven right as to why I did not vote for him.

  5. With friends like Jamie mathy who needs enemies? “I like you, but I’m throwing you under the bus.” BTW, connect transit didn’t gift anything to anybody. The taxpayers of Bloomington did. Connect transit has nothing to give. They only exist because the benevolent taxpayer unwillingly supports their existence. So to that I say, thank you Bloomington taxpayers for giving away those buses.

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