Oppose Democrat tyranny – File now

By: Diane Benjamin

Ask yourself: Why is government pushing a vaccine that doesn’t prevent COVID because it isn’t a vaccine? It’s experimental, the long term effects aren’t known. Survival rates are over 98% for those infected! Why do they want to shoot everyone with an un-proven therapy when proven therapies exist?

My Body My Choice doesn’t apply to experiments?

The local GOP sent this message:

Today a hearing will be held at 3:30 in Springfield regarding the State Senate Bill 1169 which if passed would amend the Health Care Conscience Act passed in 1998 which provided individuals the right to refuse health care procedures they have conscientious objection to taking.   

Yesterday  18th district State Rep. Robyn Gabel filed House Floor Amendment 2 of the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.  This amendment would take that right away. 

Submit a witness slip NOW opposing this amendment as it would disallow certain viral (Covid-19) treatments and healthcare exemptions.

Remember when earlier this year, Illinois rallied to submit witness slips that defeated HB2789? Your efforts worked. The time has come again to voice your opposition to IL government overreach. This proposed amendment has the same if not greater importance.

It only takes a minute to complete online. Raise your voices!  File an official objection to this bill now!  


If you have never filed one before:

10 thoughts on “Oppose Democrat tyranny – File now

  1. mRDA vaccines are most certainly vaccines in that they produce an immune response. mRDA technology has been around for over 20 years and has been used in cancer treatments. It’s amazing that you will accept all kind of questionable treatments but you want to throw medical science that produced this technology under your misinformation bus.
    If something is “new” all you need to do is label it experimental. In fact monoclonal therapy is even more experimental than any mRDA vaccine but that didn’t stop Trump from receiving it or for the governor of Florida pushinng as a treatment.

    We as a modern civilization would never advance with medicine or science if that was the attitude of scientists

    98 percent survival rate? That means a 2 percent mortality rate. 2 percent of 330 million Americans is 600,000 dead Americans. Which is at the lower end of COV-19 death rate of over 700,000 dead. The state of Illinois has seen over 28000 deaths from COV-19. The pandemic is not over. The only way out of this pandemic is vaccinations. That’s the medical truth.

    1. What flavor is the Kool Aid? I don’t drink any of that when it’s offered. You need to take a real long look at “modern medicine” and most especially at the “mad scientists” (psychopaths and sociopaths who have found their happy place is more like it) who are still torturing animals for NO good reason in their putrid little “labs” while making what is actually bio-weapons that they have now released (not the first time actually, it’s been going on in milder versions for decades) upon the world.
      What “modern medicine” has become is “sick-care”, all they do is prescribe more and more meds that cause side effects and mostly just mask symptoms and push more and more “vaccines” that now are even destroying natural immunity which is depleted anyway in more and more people because of their sedentary lifestyle and avoidance of the sun, and NOW add in the ones who “shielded” for nearly a year, like little mushrooms (people are not mushrooms) and they have done a great job at securing more income for themselves
      Other countries are using actual therapeutics against this ‘thing” and they work, well. So – just out of curiosity – how many scripts are YOU currently taking? I take none and I’m a “senior citizen”, i also have no doctor because i take care of myself and do research on nutrition and supplements and have for decades. YOUR way is NOT the only way to live and be healthy, in fact, it’s not even that good of a way to live. Modern medicine has it’s place, it’s place is NOT to rule and run your life. Just remember, well people don’t need doctors, or don’t need them very often, why would doctors want to lose all or most of their income? None of “us” are trying to force you to not jab yourself with every injection they come up with, why are you trying to force us to that? Remember, this “vaccine” does NOT keep you from getting OR spreading the Rona, they SAY it will be less severe, but lots of people supposedly had it and they had VERY mild cases, so what’s to say the jabbed people wouldn’t have had a mild case anyway? Also MANY who ARE injected ARE being hospitalized – do some real research, stray from the prescribed narrative and you MIGHT learn something of value. ALSO with early therapeutics not nearly that many would have died but those therapeutics were DENIED to people, all they did was scream for VENTS VENTS we need VENTS! The vents kill people. Nurses know this, I would venture that the doctors do too…. Like Mark Twain said It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled….

  2. @ABBYS MOM, I see you’ve managed to get on the library computers again. Back to the stacks you evil old hag!

  3. Ahhh yes…..the old my body my choice line from conservatives. So does this mean you are pro-choice? Or just when it is convenient for you to promote your agenda against COVID vaccines and wearing masks?

  4. Children Shouldn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccines, Harvard Professor Says
    “Children should not get vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19, according to Harvard University professor of medicine Martin Kulldorff. ‘I don’t think children should be vaccinated for COVID. I’m a huge fan of vaccinating children for measles, for mumps, for polio, for rotavirus, and many other diseases, that’s critical. But COVID is not a huge threat to children,'” https://udumbara.net/children-shouldnt-get-covid-19-vaccines-harvard-professor-says

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