Just the Facts

By: Diane Benjamin

Comments by those who believe government talking points will not be approved. I expect lots of them, don’t waste your time with Fauci or other junk links.

3 doctors and one scientist held a Global Covid Summit Saturday in Bloomington. The event was free, the organizers weren’t there for a buck. Over 400 people attended. These professionals believe in the statement from this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/10/24/physicians-declaration-on-covid/

Here’s why most doctors know something is wrong but they are afraid to speak up. Obamacare forced many to close their private practices and go to work for corporations. The corporations rely on government money, if they speak up they risk government funding. Follow the money.

Pictured below are two of the doctors and the scientist. The guy on the far right helped Dr. Yang escape to America from Hong Kong, she worked in a Chinese government lab. The third doctor is Dr. Richard Urso, he arrived late from Texas.

Dr. Chisholm runs Center for Health in Leroy. Dr. Cole is from Idaho. Dr. Yang knows the Chinese communists created the virus and purposely released it. She was there!

The Summit was scheduled to run from 1:30 to 4:00. It went to 5:00 instead.

A few points conveyed:

  • If you have had Covid don’t get the shot, it weakens your immune system
  • The vaccine isn’t a vaccine, it’s a therapy
  • Early treatment is essential, most doctors won’t provide cheap medicines that work
  • Some pharmacies are refusing to fill prescriptions for cheap cures
  • Do not go to a hospital and get Remdesivir, it damages kidneys
  • Go to this link for early treatments that work: www.covidpatientguide.com
  • The most reliable data is from Israel, UK, and Iceland
  • India has almost irradiated Covid with ivermectin
  • The vaccinated are spreading Covid, they carry a higher viral load than unvaccinated
  • Masks DON’T Work! There is ZERO evidence they do.
  • Do NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS to be vaccinated!

If you can’t tell something is wrong with the Covid response, you aren’t paying attention. Early treatment with cheap drugs prevents most deaths. Most doctors aren’t treating early, they send people home.

The vaccine is still an experiment. Reports from countries reporting real data prove it doesn’t prevent getting or spreading Covid.

Don’t let the government experiment with your kids. You could be damaging them for life with a therapy they don’t need.

If you attended Saturday, add any points I might have missed. I expect to be banned from some sites for daring to report. Truth is what government says, not actual truth.

19 thoughts on “Just the Facts

  1. It would be good to know if there are any doctors in the area that recommend pre-hospitalization treatment.

    Mine doesn’t. Seems like that should be considered malpractice.

  2. I would have loved to attend the conference. I am a big fan of Dr Ryan Cole. Where was this held at? And where was the event advertised ?

  3. I believe many, if not a majority of MD’s see right through the vaccine BS. However, when you paycheck depends on parroting the official line, the truth will suffer. It takes a lot of courage to do what these doctors are doing.

  4. I would have loved to have gone to that! Maybe just maybe the new revelations of the dog and monkey torture that Fauci gleefully is involved with might make a few more turn against HIM at least. Also, if you still believe the government lies you are willfully and or stubbornly ignorant. We “conspiracy theorists” have said for a LONG time that it was made and purposefully released from that putrid little lab in Wuhan and that the masks were just a visible sign of willingness to do as told. Please dear God let it all come out so loud and strong that even the far left rank and files will have to admit that they have been duped and they have been wrong all along.

  5. Yeah sure follow that advice and when you’re fighting for your life on a ventilator I bet anything those doctors won’t be anywhere around. You can’t fix stupid.

      1. That poor thing has been totally brainwashed, it’s almost sad. I’m sure he or she or they don’t even know what the survival rates are for all of the age groups, or about vitamin D deficiencies being present in most of those hospitalized or how the tests themselves have been faulty, and, probably thinks Ivermectin is a worm medicine for horses…

    1. If you use meds like Ivermectin as soon as you get COVID you won’t need a ventilator. But our idiot leaders have decided that instead of early treatment, you should wait at home until you are so sick that you need a vent. Now that’s stupid.

      1. Like Diane said, it’s almost like they wanted to jack up the death counts, and yes, they flat out denied people effective early treatments – these people have a LOT to answer for and I hope they are forced to do just that.

  6. My 12 year old is vaccinated, and my 10 year old will be as soon as possible. Why? Because half of the adults in this country are selfish. If every adult would have gotten vaccinated, none of our kids would have too.

      1. There’s zero evidence of that. You think I didn’t consult multiple physician’s before doing it?

    1. “”If every adult would have gotten vaccinated, none of our kids would have too.””

      That’s not true at all. The vax does not stop transmission. It only reduces the symptoms. Vaxxed people carry just as high of viral loads and transmit the virus as much as the un-vaxxed.

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