Attractive Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this mowing fail from July 20th?

The next day it was cleaned up: (Thanks to the same reader who sent the above)

The pictures below are from a different reader. These are a little north of the ones above. The reader claims this hasn’t been touched in months. Normal put up the fence, it used to be on both sides of the trail. Normal shouldn’t build what they can’t maintain. Wouldn’t citizens be fined if their yard looked like this?

16 thoughts on “Attractive Normal!

  1. You need to stop commenting on things you know nothing about. This is a new section of trail still under construction. Weeds are allowed to grow to hold soil in place until restoration (seeding) can be completed by the contractor, who will remove erosion control fencing after seed is established.


  2. Final paving completed just several weeks ago. Fence is a requirement of construction permit and remains until permanent cover is established. Contractor is responsible. Difficult to start grass seed in July – August. Not playing further


    1. The trail paving was finished the week of July 4th. The contractor took the fence down of the north side of the trail at the same time. This fencing (south side of trail) has been up since before the start of the trail construction and has never been touched. The reasoning Normal1 and the town of normal give is this is to stop erosion?? Why remove one and leave the other? I am sure 6 inch tall weeds would suffice, or am i mistaken? Do they have to be 7 ft tall to stop erosion?


  3. Given the height of the trail compared to the level of the adjacent residential area, it appears a retaining wall may be needed in that area to prevent runoff to the backyards. Perhaps the engineers are examining a solution.


  4. The first two picture comparisons look better but I could have done a better job in less than an hour. Just sayin’.


  5. It is actually worse than that

    Along Sugar creek the BNWRD is not mowing at all. The weeds are 6’+ and are a nesting ground for foxes, and other wildlife that could be dangerous to humans or our pests

    I called to complain and was told they aren’t mowing them. They made a UNILATERAL decision.

    I complained to the city and was told the city wasn’t going to enforce the ordinance because “ they were going to grow a prairie”

    I sent them links showing letting weeds grow is NOT how to accomplish that and was ignored as always

    It seems to me that the ordinance on weeds is moot


    1. Just another example of the staff, kingkoos, queenpam, and the others demonstrating their hatred for the tax paying citizens of Normal. They literally have NO regard for anyone but themselves. They’re selfish narcissists who look down their noses at the citizens.

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  6. Whoa! Tom! Did you put down the kool-aid for a day? Had a couple of cups of stiff black coffee? Waking up to reality??? Holy Toledo!


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