5 Things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


I’m collecting signs gas stations have on their pumps to comply with Pritzker’s demand people know he delayed the $.02 increase until after the election. Thorton’s at Route 9 and Hershey just has the Pritzker verbiage.

Correction: This is at the Exxon Mobile station off 74 in Downs. The reader who sent it is checking on Freedom.

Update: Freedom just complied with the required verbiage. Go to EXXON.

Freedom at the corner of Towanda Barnes and Rt. 150 deserves your business, just like Quick and Easy on East Vernon. (h/t a reader) Support businesses who support you:


McLean County Democrats met to pick a new candidate for County Board District 4 since Matthew Coates had to remove his name from the ballot. The local socialists have all disbanded proving yet again socialism doesn’t work. Democrats picked one anyway who is also the girlfriend of perpetual rabble-rouser Sonny Garcia: Krystle Able. Democrats: If you aren’t a left wing radical there is no room for you in the Democrat Party:


On July 12th I sent an email to the new District 87 superintendent – David Mouser. FYI: I know Mr. Mouser from Tri-Valley. I asked him to make sure the 1619 project is not taught at BHS since it is fake history with the goal of making students hate their country. If you missed the students who spoke to the School Board last summer, see them here: https://blnnews.com/2021/06/11/2-district-87-kids-1619-project/

No Response From Mr. Mouser


At Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting Kathleen Lorenz went on a diatribe about how great Normal is. She had people in town for a wedding who stayed in Uptown. They raved about how great Normal is and Kathleen wanted everyone to know it. Who pays for the free entertainment on the Circle those visitors enjoyed? Who pays the debt accumulated? Kathleen?

Proving yet again why Wards are needed, Normal outside of Uptown isn’t a beautiful place. This picture shows how mowing is done where Uptown visitors don’t see it – Towanda Avenue: (h/t a reader)


When Rivian gets their Wind Turbine operational does the Town of Normal realize they won’t be collecting the Utilities Tax on the power they no longer buy?

For Kevin McCarthy: I’m pretty sure Kevin stated Normal has 850 lane miles of roads to maintain Monday night. The budget, PDF page 360 states 555 lane miles: https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/19729/2022-23-Final-Budget






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  1. The story summary is: Democrats have and will continue to vote for Democrats regardless of how far left they lean or how badly they have run things into the ground.

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