2 District 87 kids: 1619 Project

By: Diane Benjamin

I have a ton of videos from the District 87 Board meeting. I might post more or I might not. They take along time to load! If you want to see some awesome parents who spoke or more of the kids let me know.

Below are two of kids who mentioned the 1619 Project. Both have been indoctrinated with fake history that makes them believe there is nothing about America that isn’t racist. Lincoln stated we will be destroyed from within. The 1619 Project is one vehicle being used to accomplish that. My take was they were taught this in AP History class.

The first one is the kids who proclaimed Abraham Lincoln was a white supremist that just happened to free the slaves. Many of the students talked about being taught to use critical thinking but they fail to see anything laughable about that statement. Obviously they were taught what to think instead of critical thinking. He makes that statement about half way through. He then becomes overwhelmed and is unable to speak for quite awhile.

The second video is a young lady who was brought to this country as a young child. I wonder if she has asked her parents why they brought her to such a racist country?

8 thoughts on “2 District 87 kids: 1619 Project

  1. Neo-Liberals, bless their hearts, are very earnest in their desire to be nice and fair people. Good for them!

    But we have seen what happens when policy is based on nice and fair without considering how easy it is for evil to take advantage of nice and fair. Marxism, Communism, Socialism and even Satan all start our as nice and fair.

    We can be nice and fair as long as we also prepare for those that feed on it. Democracy and our Constitution are examples.

  2. I don’t have a problem with CRT. But the 1619 project is filled with numerous inaccuracies and has had to issue numerous retractions despite winning a Pulitzer Prize. There are far better ways to teach about the history of race in America than the 1619 project.

  3. At this age, everyone thinks they know everything. Those that truly grow look back at the high school years realizing they were basically full of nonsense and provided you just enough knowledge to survive in the real world. Who cares what they say or think? The blame for all this lay at the feet of state officials, superintendents, school boards and principals that allow it to be taught. You’re hope is these kids have some responsible parents that can tell them what BS it all is or find out shortly on their own. If not, these are the people that become the AOC’s, Ohmar’s and Talib’s of the world.

  4. If you are old enough to grow up in the late 60’s and 70’s you may have been on the front line against the “establishment”. We wanted freedom, we wanted to do things our own way. We did not trust our parents, the police and the “man”. The age of sex, drugs and rock and roll came and went.

    Guess who the people speaking out against Critical Theory, the 1619 project and the surge in sex education in schools are.

    Yah its us. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we’ve seen this movie before. We grew up and found out we were definitely not as smart as we thought we were.

  5. Ed: i was close to approving your uniformed comment until your last line. I’m not going to let anyone personally attack me on my own site. Thanks for playing.

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