More District 87

By: Diane Benjamin

I will be posting videos of some of the students who spoke. The 1619 Project is mentioned at least 3 times by them. Unless you know what it is you can not understand the destruction studying it has caused.

First it was edited and compiled by a New York Times reporter. If that doesn’t tell you truth is immaterial and it leans far left, keep reading. The 1619 Project included a curriculum that was instantly in schools across the country. It teaches that America was founded on racism, all our institutions are racist, and therefore the country as founded needs erased.

Replaced with what? If the students spent half as much time studying the Constitution they would demand it was followed, not overthrown for other systems of government that all oppress it’s people. Marxism, Socialism, Communism have all killed 100’s of millions of people. These kids are taught freedom is meaningless because because of racism and oppression.

Search the internet for the 1619 Project. The kids claims it teaches critical thinking. Use your critical thinking to inform yourself. There are many right and left leaning opinions. Parsing the intent won’t take long. The 1619 Project teaches aspects of critical race theory, America is a racist country.

Remember when Michelle Obama was taken off the campaign trail after saying “Barrack knows we have to change our history”? The 1619 Project is the change. How did close to every school start teaching it? That answer is obvious too.

2 thoughts on “More District 87

  1. First item about the 1619 trash, it’s simply a compilation of essays written some academic left-swinging blacks. Second item, when the “editor”, the lady folks are claiming to be the “author”, was pressured last year about the accuracy of the book, she even stated it wasn’t really accurate history. It was simply the thoughts of radical academic blacks. It’s more like an historical novel (I don’t even give it that benefit; simply racist points of view from racist black academia).

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