Where’s Jenn?

By: Diane Benjamin

According to what Jenn filed when she ran for office she lived here:

According to the Coldwell Banker website, sale of this house is pending. All of the pictures show the house empty. It does say there are separate apartments on the first and second floor with both leases expiring on June 30th.


We know Carrillo has to live in her Ward, the people she represents deserve to know if she still does!


I bet the Mayor or City Manager will find out, aldermen are required to report changes of address.





9 thoughts on “Where’s Jenn?

  1. OK, it’s news, but for SOME odd reason this REALLY does NOT surprise me, as that neighborhood is about as “fluid” as they get. I USED to deliver the Pantagraph in that area as a youngster and IF you kept a customer for more then 6 months (40 years ago) they were a “regular”! TRYING to get money from ABSENTEE people however, made it rather unprofitable at times. BUT, you could BUY darn near anything you wanted! Just ASK! Bet her dealer lived on the 1st floor!
    I sure hope she moved to Ulan Bator! Not that I have anything against the Mongols..


  2. “I sure hope she moved to Ulan Bator!” Noooooo Mongolia is on my Bucket list and Jenn would ruin it, or well, try to, they’re a pretty hardy bunch.


  3. She has not posted on Twitter in 30 days.
    Her last tweet was a rage-pityMe about Scott Stimley’s (?) remarks in public comments 😂


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