2 more videos from Dist 87 Board meeting

By: Diane Benjamin

If you don’t know Ty Smith you should. He can be heard on Cities 92.9 at 3:00pm on Saturdays.

We spoke twice at the District 87 School Board meeting. We has a fascinating story who most people would think should be just another Chicago poor black kid statistic. He refused to accept the narrative that he was not able to succeed. Ty relates his story in Part 1.

Part 2 proves Ty is a voice of common sense and reason. At one point he is responded to a liberal retired teacher who claimed white privilege got her out of a speed ticket. Ty’s response is epic. Of course the kids didn’t want to hear Ty’s claims that he was never oppressed by whites or any other color.


5 thoughts on “2 more videos from Dist 87 Board meeting

  1. After visiting the Not in Out Town Facebook page it appears official. They are in direct opposition to Martin Luther King and now endorse racism and Marxism.

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  2. I’ve followed Ty Smith for a good while and I have liked him since the first time I saw his Modern Renaissance Man youtube stuff. I guarantee you the leftists in there were fuming and I HOPE their little brains were short circuiting a little too and making them maybe just MAYBE question the nonsense they have been led to believe and the nonsense they themselves spew out on a regular basis. If I knew he (Ty) was going to be there I would have made a real effort to get there. Thank you for the videos.

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