Walking downtown: Weeds

By: Diane Benjamin

I had a little time before going to the District 87 Board meeting, so I walked around downtown Bloomington.

The pictures start on Center street, then Front Street to the a short walk past the CII East building, down East street to Washington, and back to Center. There is broken mirrored glass on the sidewalk on East along with litter in the flower beds.

Grass at the Law and Justice Center isn’t trimmed, just mowed.

Two pictures are included of the weed-filled flower boxes at the CII East building.

Some of the weeds are huge, not caused by the recent rains.

The road is closed on the east side of the history museum, it looks like the roof is being repaired.

Surprise! The signs can be read while walking justy not driving:

6 thoughts on “Walking downtown: Weeds

  1. There are weeds and trash all over Bloomington/ normal. Take time to simply look around while at a stop light. It’s disgusting.


  2. The folks who live and work downtown must be so used to government cleaning up after them that they don’t care how unkept it looks. Has the city hired all the seasonal help they usually do to do this maintenance? I’m guessing not since people are still being paid to not work.

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  3. Not to mention the parking spaces are not painted correctly yet. The new pavement is smooth and lovely but the parking spaces are just “dashed lines”. Upon contacting streets dept they said they are still trying to “figure out” I’d the markings will be permanent because of the pandemic and the differing needs of the businesses.

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    1. Oh dear Lord, how long are they going to milk this “pandemic” as the reason for EVERYTHING not being seen to? It’s grown quite wearisome. Also, it would take some of these imbeciles a week to “figure out” if maybe they should form a committee and “have a discussion” about what approach they should use to paint in some proper parking lines then another week to find the most expensive paint.

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