Indoctrination centers: District 87

By: Diane Benjamin

I attended the District 87 School Board meeting last night and filmed every one of the 30 speakers. After several parents talked to the Board 2 weeks ago it was obvious kids were recruited to show up and speak. They might have thought it was a good idea, it wasn’t. The kids weren’t afraid to say they are taught the 1619 Project. Historians have resoundingly dismissed this rewriting of history as fiction by a New York Times reporter. The kids believe every word. They think they are “critically thinking” about systemic racism in the country’s founding. In reality they are being taught to hate America.

Public Comment is supposed to be addressed to the Board. It descended into lecturing the audience with little attempt by the Board to control it. Speakers were required to give their address, STOP IT people. There is no requirement in the law for you to provide an address. The Board only wants to know if they can dismiss your comments or if they have to pay attention since you have kids in the district.

I’ve got a ton of clips for future stories, but start with this one. The lady is a failed Master’s candidate (her words). Not only is she very misguided, but listed to the crowd (the kids) laugh when she says “I understand why you are afraid of communism”. This is what your kids are being taught: communism/socialism just hasn’t been done right yet, again – her words.

12 thoughts on “Indoctrination centers: District 87

  1. There is a GREAT video on 92.9’s Facebook page of a local medical professional, who happens to be black, discouraging this CRT bullcrap. His video is powerful and needs to go viral.

  2. I read on WGLT that the meeting was so intense that the school board cancelled the next 2 meetings.
    This smells so bad. Honestly , how can a publicly elected board just decide not to meet ?
    D87 is REALLY afraid of something.

    1. They either think their solution is final and right no matter unrest , or realize there are way too many not swallowing the bs they push .

  3. It NEVER works and NEVER will! Communism is built on Satanism and Satan is spreading his age old LIE once again and it always leaves the nations that embrace it in fear, bondage, slavery and total poverty! 😞

  4. Seriously? Killing millions of people is just “not doing it right?” Really? Then I guess National Socialism wasn’t done right before either, eh? How about apartheid? That wasn’t done right, either, eh? Talk about facepalm. Sheesh.

    Who in the world let these smooth brain idiots near your kids? And what are parents willing to do about it? And I say willing to do about it because everyone knows these propagandist grifters aren’t going to go away just because we ask. I see hundreds of parents that need to start acting like parents.

  5. I learned something from one of students at the meeting. He said – The important thing about Abraham Lincoln was that he was a white supremist who just happened to free the slaves. Interesting.

    It’s good that the school board knows that there are many people watching their every move right now.

  6. That poor little sheep in that video, does she know, or even suspect, how pitiful, misinformed and weak she sounds to those of us who actually understand what is going on? The really sad thing is her mentors will tell her how stunning and brave she was and how she did an excellent job trying to educate people.

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