Interview: Dr. Rybicki

By:  Diane Benjamin If you still haven’t read the story of Dr. Witold Rybicki from the Federalist website, access it from this story: I sat down for around an hour with the doctor last Wednesday.  He is 85 years old, still working part-time as an anesthesiologist in a Morton surgery center.  He looks closer to 65 […]

Be thankful this wasn’t you

The story below is from a website called the Federalist earlier this month.  I’ve always been fascinated by history.  We are entering a time where history may repeat the horrors of the last century.  This story shows how cruel people can be to each other, it also shows people can triumph over evil. I was […]

Renner Radicals Running Amok

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner is a community organizer.  He was a speaker at Camp Obama in 2007: After 8 years of a President who didn’t care about laws, the local radicals are outraged a President was elected to end the chaos Obama caused. See Renner’s picture and comments from last night’s Rally for […]

Government control intensifies HERE!

By:  Diane Benjamin Does government create economic activity?  Tari Renner believes he needs to control what happens to downtown Bloomington.  Obviously Chris Koos had the same thought when he created Uptown. Meantime, tax revenue is down in BOTH cities.  Both mayors believe more government intervention is needed to force economic development and growth.  Now they […]

Common Core: What you HAVE to know

Common Core Part Of Mao and Lenin Handbooks by Mychal Massie on September 19, 2013 It’s a well-known observation that whenever businessmen come together sooner or later their conversation turns to how to best separate consumers from their money (which is why businesses in reality exist). And in a froward way, similar can be said about what happens […]

Common Core Teaches Communism

Posted by Victoria Jackson on May 29, 2013 Glancing through my local liberal-propaganda newspaper (* I noticed an article on Common Core full of lies, starting with “The CCSS Initiative is a state-led effort…” Go here for truth on that. And, here is the truth about Common Core. Karen Schoen explains Common Core. “Hello Americans: Common Core IS NOT NEW. The only […]

Communist Democrats: Little Blue Book

The subtitle of this book is: “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic”.  The first page is “Praise” for the book with quotes from Robert Reich, Van Jones, and George Soros.  All have expressed the desire to end capitalism and “Fundamentally Transform” America.  Since Van Jones is a self-proclaimed communist, the direction they want is […]

7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism

By John Hawkins Given what we know in 2012, saying that capitalism will make a society richer than socialism should be about as controversial as saying the earth is round, not flat. Yet, a recent Gallup poll shows that more liberals have a positive view of socialism than capitalism. This is only possible because there are so […]

Russia’s Pravda Declares “Communism Won in American with Obama; US Suffering Has Only Begun”

In an extraordinary column last week, Russia’s de facto government press arm declared that the era of “Miss American Pie” was over in the U.S. Citing Obama’s reelection, Pravda stated that the “Communists have won in America…” Why? Because the US is “an illiterate society” that continues to buy off on Obama’s “lies of less […]

Message to America

by Frank Polacek (veteran, small business owner) My message has been that before an enemy can be confronted and defeated, he must first be exposed and identified. The well organized and well funded liberal domestic enemy within, stealthily oozing from their Trojan Horse like insects from a hive, communicate with each other in secret ambiguous code words, […]

Today’s Communist Party USA – YOUR Party, YOUR Voice!

Is wasn’t that long ago that communists in the United States were hunting for treason.  Today they make YouTube videos. If you don’t understand that people DIE under communism – take a refresher course: Do we hold freedom and liberty in so little regard today that communism is now celebrated? Congressman Allen West was […]