Communist Democrats: Little Blue Book

The subtitle of this book is: “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic”.  The first page is “Praise” for the book with quotes from Robert Reich, Van Jones, and George Soros.  All have expressed the desire to end capitalism and “Fundamentally Transform” America.  Since Van Jones is a self-proclaimed communist, the direction they want is government control of your life, with them in charge.

The first half of the book is the game plan used to re-elect Barrack Obama.  Read the 3 previous posts to understand how they accomplished it:

The second half of the book is issues and the talking points to use to convince people conservatives have the issues wrong.  Below are direct quotes from the book:

  • Corporations are evil because their interest is maximum profit at your expense.  Government’s interest is protecting your life and your liberty
  • Government regulations limit corporations’ ability to inflict harm on you in order to make a profit.
  • Corporations govern our lives with almost no accountability.  Due to lack of regulations, corporation are in many cases free and even encouraged to run our lives in ways that are intrusive, oppressive, and even tyrannical.
  • Privatization is the replacement of elected governments with unelected corporate governments which run more and more of aspects of American life for their own profit, not for the public good.
  • As more of the Public is eliminated and privatized, corporations make more money, though ordinary people do not.
  • Ordinary people lose what the Public gives them, the means for a decent life.
  • Government has a moral duty to protect and empower its people.
  • Privatization can be predatory and downright immoral when, for the sake of profit, it removes or prevents the protection and empowerment of the public.
  • Privatization makes the life of citizens more expensive: corporations work to maximize profits with no moral obligation to customers.
  • “Smaller government” means making the public good secondary and abandoning the sacred moral missions of the government.
  • Corporations have an ethical responsibility to pay in full for work done.  That includes benefits and pensions.
  • A democratic society requires education that is both widespread and deep. Every day we depend on others being educated  both for practical things and our political freedom.  In a democracy, knowledge needs to be democratized, and the democratization of knowledge can come only through public education
  • The Farm Bill should become the Healthy Food bill.
  • We shouldn’t give money to mostly corporate agriculture that put profit ahead of safe and healthy food.
  • Farm Bill funds should feed people.  Food stamps prevent hunger, if not starvation
  • Crop insurance is profit insurance.  Taxpayers shouldn’t be wasting food money on it.
  • Dirty energy industries-Oil, coal, and natural gas-make a lot of their money by not cleaning up.  They profit by not paying the full costs of doing business and instead placing those costs on the public.
  • Nature is never free.  Taking or destroying it places costs elsewhere.
  • Phase out dirty energy.  Don’t prolong it with subsidies.
  • Energy is fungible.  The more we save, the less we need to use.
  • Preventing conservation is wasting energy.
  • Good soil feeds us forever.  In the long run, a farm’s soil is worth more than the oil underneath.  Don’t drill.

Note that almost every statement requires government to make all the decisions. Capitalism is the villain, government control is required.  Hitler, Mao, and Stalin would be very proud of the new Democratic Party.  Progressives have controlled education for decades.  Why are we losing our place in the world since they have made the education rules?

I wonder is all the farmers who voted for Democrats know where they stand on crop insurance?  Obviously not.

One more note:  Abortion is now pregnancy avoidance.  Coming to as speech near you soon.  They have also added: Development Avoidance.


The latest from Van Jones:

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