Communism used to be un-American

By:  Diane Benjamin

People wanting to end capitalism are all around us now.  Too many want their share of your wealth and expect government to give it too them.  Too many others blame capitalism for everything wrong with the world.  They are oblivious to what capitalism really is and what makes it the perfect form of government.

Rarely do groups wanting to impose socialism or communism on America come out and call it that.  They demand social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice.  These are just different ways of saying you have too much, government must seize it and give it so others.

Socialism and communism are unsustainable.  The rich will quit making money if government is just going to seize it, or they will just leave the country.  Think Venezuela.  A country rich in oil was destroyed by their government.

Why this story?  Illinois People’s Action (with a local chapter) sent representatives to the Paris Climate Summit.  The reported theme for the event is:

System Change, Not Climate Change

System Change?  What system needs changed?  There is a clue at the end of their blog post:  they attended a workshop revealing the “abuses of capitalism”.

Read the blog post here:

Public school education has failed for more than a generation to explain American exceptionalism.  Education fails to define capitalism for what it is:  One person makes something another person wants, that product is exchanged for money to the benefit of both parties. Color, gender, age, sexual preference, etc are immaterial to the transaction.

Crony capitalism is government intervention to tax, regulate, and approve the above transaction.  The “System Change” we need is removing government from the exchange.

Formerly socialist countries have run out of other people’s money and are transforming their economies with capitalism.

Since the IPA blog says the leaders left from Peoria, some could be from Bloomington-Normal.  These anti-capitalist fit in well here with the governments of both Bloomington and Normal who don’t understand capitalism either.

Maybe the next post will support Sharia, just to mix things up a little.





8 thoughts on “Communism used to be un-American

  1. The blogger reports a NEED for alternative power sources. Solar power is mentioned as a SOLUTION to that NEED which will be provided by companies which will create jobs. Money is then circulated from corporation to employee and resource to corporation. Sounds like capitalism to me. I don’t think these activists understand what capitalism is. They just think it is bad because someone told them so.


    1. They are advocating for social and economic justice to push the solar panels. That is not capitalism They want a central authority such as Obama or the United Nations to make this happen through regulation and or government force if need be. You are right however. If they truly despise capitalism they should give up their I phones.


      1. The government doesn’t need to force anyone to use solar power–it’s already happening in the US. There is even capitalist ventures to create batteries to store the power for future use.

        Social justice, which is the same thing as economic justice, starts at home.


  2. Illinois Peoples Action is the down state branch of the militant National Peoples Action. National Peoples Action is a Saul Alinsky inspired group. Several years ago they participated in and promoted a live video teach in that was held in communities across the country. The teachers were Francis Fox Piven and Cornell West. Francis Fox Piven is co author of the Cloward- Piven Strategy. It is a strategy to collapse the system (America) by overwhelming it. Cornel West is a Marxist activist who has publically along with Francis Piven called for “Revolution in the Streets.”
    Illinois Peoples Action leaders also participated in the local Occupy Wall Street movement in Bloomington. Although peaceful in Bloomington the Occupy Wall Street movement clashed with Police in other communities. Some of the leaders also have been supporters of the Black Lives Matters Movement which at times has also shown hostility towards Police Officers in various marches throughout the country. Locally, some Illinois Peoples Action organizers participated in support of Black Lives Matter in a rally on the front steps of Bloomington City Hall. The invited guest speaker was a high ranking member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam organization. Even the Ultra Liberal Southern Policy Law Center at one time listed Farrakhan’s group as a hate group. Farrakhan has referred to white people as “white devils.”

    Keep in mind Illinois Peoples Action claims to be a Faith Based Group. Odd it’s parent National Peoples Action was partially inspired by Saul Alinsky whose book was dedicated to Lucifer. Even more odd it recently pushed the slogan “People And Planet First.” Shouldn’t a religious group say God First? Now they appear to have signed on to the cause of the ECOSOCIALIST who are pushing the slogan “System Change, Not Climate Change.” BEWARE. I guarantee when they return from the Paris Climate Summit they will begin meeting with Mayor Renner and other Alderman, WJBC and the Pantagraph like they have in the past and begin pushing their “SYSTEM CHANGE AGENDA. I assure you the Mayor and some of the other Alderman as well will eagerly meet with them to try to push the ECOSocialist agenda at the local level. Local elections are important.


  3. I just learned that Oklahoma of all places elected the most socialists to their state legislature than any other US state. Haha, no wonder they haven’t been doing so great. The socialists gave us labor day, but they certainly wouldn’t give us the iPhone.


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