Message to America

by Frank Polacek (veteran, small business owner)

My message has been that before an enemy can be confronted and defeated, he must first be exposed and identified.

The well organized and well funded liberal domestic enemy within, stealthily oozing from their Trojan Horse like insects from a hive, communicate with each other in secret ambiguous code words, catch phrases, and propaganda slogans, like sustainable, comprehensive, single payer, quantative easingsequestration, etc., which can mean just about anything to unwary and clueless mainstream real Americans not in their loop of influence.

We have been covertly duped by an Orwellian reverse-logic “newspeak”,or liberal-speak, revisionist language (”war is peace”; “freedom is slavery”;ignorance is strength” etc.) in which the political and cultural building blocks of our social order are inverted and are now viewed as the diametric opposite of their original meaning and intent.

Acts of generosity which provided aid to the needy, formerly called “charity”, has been transformed into its polar opposite—“entitlement”. “Illegal aliens”, who used to be criminals, are now just“immigrants”. Overt acts of terrorism are now called “man made disasters” and “work place violence”. The wordterrorism has been officially deleted from the American Lexicon.

Everything has been redefined into distorted “1984” style misrepresentations such as“Morality is hate”“faith is ignorance”; and “theft is social justice”. Good has become evil, evil has become good, and Americanism is now passed off as socialism.

Obama’s election rode on his undefined neurotic and pathological obsession to “change” and“fundamentally transform” our country. But why, and into what?The meaning of the code word“change” he alludes to (understood by other liberals), was exposed by the U.S. House Committee Investigations of Tax Free Foundations in 1954.

Its Reese Committee investigators found that these Foundations are granted exemption from taxes imposed upon the people – “so they can use their grant making powers to “alter” (“CHANGE”!!!) life in the United States so that it can be eventually merged with the Soviet Union” (meaning converted to global communism); “the American people, to whom these Foundations owe their generous tax exemptions, were not to be informed of this covert anti-American sedition”. This is TREASON! But nevertheless, it has incredibly become our official federal “public policy”.

If these Marxists parasites are truly serious about redistributing the wealth of the “rich”, start with abolishing these Tax Free Foundations where the richest of the super-rich insulate their unfathomable wealth from tax burdens.

This precisely describes the obvious pattern of politics in the U.S. Example: “Citizens of the USSR are entitled to FREE MEDICAL SERVICE” – Chapter 10, Article 120, USSR Constitution – the Modus Operandi and end goal of “health care reform”. “Obamacare”which is pure communism, and which has now been legitimized by the Supreme Court, is not about health care but total people control. Never forget, Socialism is adictatorship.

Understand that any seemingly benevolent dictatorship is still a dictatorship, its benevolence is always temporary, its degree of oppression is dependent upon the current whim of the ruling despot and is subject to change without notice. The socialist noose around our necks is now being squeezed tighter and tighter and our freedoms are being systematically exhausted.

How about Article 122: “Women in the USSR are accorded equal rights with men”? Anyone remember the failed attempt to establish an Equal Rights Amendment here? Where do you suppose they got the idea for that? Included in this Article, women are guaranteed “maternity leave with full pay”; Bill Clinton boasted that his first official act as President was signing this measure into law here. Easy to see where his loyalties lie.

And, of course, Article 124: “The church in the USSR is separated from the state”. Notice it said: the church in the USSR, not the church in the USA is separated from the state. Anyone ever wonder where this little tidbit came from, not being mentioned in any State Constitution which all begin by recognizing God as the source and guarantor of our liberties, or anywhere in the US Constitution? This legal fiction did not enter into our Jurisprudence until 1947.

Norman Thomas, longtime communist party Presidential candidate, admitted that the American people will never knowingly accept communism under its own banner, but under the guise of liberalism and progressivism, they will unwittingly adopt every one of communism’s programs until they have incrementally assembled the entire package without ever knowing how it happened or even realizing that they have it.

People my age should remember Nikita Kruschev boasting… “we do not expect the American people to accept communism overnight; we will feed it to you a little at a time until one day you will wake up to find you have it”. Well, guess what? This is why liberals lie to obscure their true character.

We have been, by design, unwittingly adopting the erecting functionaries of communism, the most ruthless, barbaric, and diabolical police state dictatorship in human history; its sorry legacy being that it has killed more people DURING PEACETIME than all the wars in history COMBINED.

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